Tuesday, March 26, 2013

New Adventures

A week and a half ago I received a new calling at church.  A little over a year ago I received a calling in Primary as a teacher for the Sunbeams--amazingly my FIRST primary calling ever. From 1998 till about a year ago I had been exclusively in the Relief Society.  I love the Relief Society. I have had almost every calling-multiple times too-except Relief Society President, piano player, and VT supervisor. I haven't had any welfare specialist callings either, but not sure if those specifically fall under Relief Society.  I've led the music a couple of times, been first and second counselor (2nd twice I think), secretary about three times, Visiting Teaching coordinator, and Enrichment Leader.  Hmmm...not sure if I've been a teacher for the Sunday lessons...can't remember.

Back to the present....I also had another calling in conjunction with being a primary teacher--the Relief Society Meeting Coordinator.  Basically the person over of Relief Society activities that works with one of the counselors (used to be known as the Enrichment Leader).  Well, two Sundays ago a member of the Bishopric asked to speak with me a few minutes before the meeting began.  I was quite surprised by the calling he presented-Young Women's first counselor, working mainly with the Mia Maids.  I have never had a calling in Young Women's either!  It's my first!  I of course said yes.  I asked about my other two callings and he said I would be released from both that day, and I was.  I am excited about the calling.  I hope that I can do what I need to and be a help instead of a hindrance.  It will be great going to Sunday School with Lee and joining him on fifth Sundays!

The Tuesday after I received my new calling we had the Relief Society birthday celebration. I counted 36 ladies there.  It was a great night.  We had a Relief Society in Excellence.  Some sisters brought things they had made or worked on and talked about them. We ordered bread bowls from Panera Bread and they sold them to us for a $1 each!  (Normally $1.99).  They were so good.  Three ladies brought creamy soups.  My friend brought baked potato soup...it was divine.  So delicious in the sour dough bread bowl!  My favorite part of the evening was when each sister had a chance to introduce themselves and briefly talk about what they like to do.  I mentioned that I like murder mysteries and that I like driving by big cities at night (I just plain like driving!)  It was a great activity for my "last" one. But knowing my track record in Relief Society I might get this calling one more time...  The counselor I worked with is amazing.  She helped me A TON with this calling. Well, here's to a new adventure.....

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