Saturday, April 6, 2013


This post is a little out of order....I have a few items to catch up on.  I wanted to throw it in right now anyway.  Today my local ACE store had a sale so among other things, Shanna and I bought paint and a bunch of goodies to assist in the painting.  This is a landmark day for me as I have never bought a gallon of paint for my house before!  Lee bought some for his waiting room when we first moved here, which I painted.  But now that I am 33 years-old and never really tried my hand with decorating or buying paint, here's hoping it all goes well!  Funny enough, I was nervous about buying paint!  (What if I have color remorse or choose the wrong sheen?)  I bought paint for the kitchen cabinets and for most of the walls in our house.  I do think I'll like the colors.  Now we just have to close on the house so I can actually start painting! Sadly, no news on closing.  Yeah, for all of you out there who can buy a house with cash, do it!  It's most likely my mortgage company, but the process has been slow and frustrating.

Anyway....most of my goodies....

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Jenny Whiting said...

Fun! I'm excited for you. I love to paint a room and see how much it changes everything. We painted every inch of our rowhouse in Philadelphia ourselves. It is so much work, but so rewarding. Let me know if you need any help! I'm always wishing we lived closer, then it would be easier to come over often to help a little here and there!