Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Hello all.  I haven't posted in a little while and mainly for good reason.  I have so many things to post about too, but probably won't bore you all with the boring details.  (Or maybe I just will!)

For a very shortened version, we moved, we moved in, had guests spend the night, hosted a potluck for our friends, were escorts for said friends for their temple endowment and sealing, handed over our rental keys to Freddie Mac, and helped get things finalized to close on the house.

Over a week ago my realtor brought me an addendum to our original contract stating that our closing date would now be April 26th.  (We put in our offer February 22, with a closing date of March 30th.  Yeah, I've been frustrated!) So Monday morning I emailed a couple of people stating that since closing is this Friday, can we set a time as Lee already has patients and needs to re-schedule them.  I then get an email back stating we cannot close Friday because people will be out of town.  Um, not happy! Not only can we not close Friday, but the following Monday was also out of the question.  I am wondering who picked the closing date.  Aside from that, since we took early possession of the house, if we close after the 26th, we'll have to pay "rent" at the house we are "buying".  Oh but there's more.  Monday the 29th our rate expires.  Starting Tuesday morning we have to pay an extension fee....yes WE have to pay.....we who did nothing to hold up the whole process could potentially get stuck with a fee for something we didn't do.  I wanted to close the first part of April!

Anyway, I asked about closing on Wednesday, in two days.  Thus far things have worked out well and everything is lined up for tomorrow!  All of the documents are FINALLY ready, except one.  It's supposed to arrive tomorrow morning.  There are four sellers and one of them is in Nebraska. That person overnighted that document this afternoon.  As long as it comes in tomorrow morning...we're good to go!  We are going to wire the down payment and closing cost monies first thing in the morning.  I am praying that the paper arrives tomorrow.  Despite the frustration it's been for me in getting a loan (that's one reason right there why one should pay cash!) I am actually getting excited about closing tomorrow.  I am not nervous and I don't feel like I am signing my life away.  Which really, on a side note, it seems scary that anyone would feel like that when they buy a house...don't you agree?  Maybe it's just more of an expression of the excitement and commitment in buying house?  If I felt like I was signing my life away, I think I would be too terrified to go through with it.

Okay, so you did get some details.  And to throw in some pictures, Shanna brought a "dog" home from school.  She had to record what she did with the dog.  Haley had the same activity last week, but sadly I kept forgetting about it and the next morning Haley had nothing to record.  Haley told me her teacher had her just write something at school. It helped that we had FHE when Shanna brought her dog home and last week for Haley it was a Wednesday night when we had to go into church and had a busy afternoon.  Oh well.

Can't remember the dog's name.  But it had FHE with us, and treat.
April 8 2013 Shanna and Titus

April 8 2013 Titus

Shanna dressed it up for bed and slept with it. 
April 8 2013 Shanna and Titus (2)

So, maybe tomorrow, if I have time, I'll finally post those pictures I've been holding back of the house! (AND if we close.  I hope, I hope!)

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Jenny Whiting said...

Good luck Ruth! Hope it all works out tomorrow. So when did you all move? I think I heard something about you moving, so I assumed you had already closed. When we bought our rowhouse in Philadelphia (where we lived the 4 years of dental school) we needed to close earlier than the buyers wanted to get out, so they let us close early but they rented from us for another month. So we didn't get to move in until October, Dan stayed with a friend, and I stayed here in VA at my mom's. It was crazy but it enabled us to get PA residency which helped lower our tuition. Closing/buying is always an ordeal. Can we help any? Again, good luck!