Sunday, April 28, 2013

Back in Time

I have a little catch-up to do on the blog.  With the excitement of the buying house, I wanted to keep that relatively up to date, so a couple of things took the back burner.  Maybe I'll be all caught up by the end of the week.

On we go.  The first part of April (can you believe April is almost DONE? My girls turn S-I-X this week!) Clark had a recorder concert at school.  Lee worked the night of the concert, but the rest of us went.  I love that the school is so close.  And since the weather was nice that night, we rode bikes over.
April 10 2013 Clark recorder performance, 4th grade

April 10 2013 Clark recorder performance, 4th grade (3)

April 10 2013 Clark recorder performance, 4th grade (4)

Afterwards Cal showed me a dragon project of his hanging in the hallway.  I enjoy the different hallway displays around the school.  I seriously love this elementary school.  So amazing.
April 10 2013 Cal

The chunk of the move to the "new" house took place on a Friday night and then the following Saturday morning.  Lee and I were up till 1am Friday night moving things across the street in preparation for the help we would receive the following morning.  Sounds slightly counterproductive--moving stuff BEFORE help came--but we wanted people to come and move big stuff.  Not things like our food storage, for example.  Lee was awesome and moved our three-month food supply items off of our two big utility shelves in our bedroom in our rental and then put the stuff back on the shelves in the new house, also in our bedroom. We need to build up the three-month supply of food.  It has dwindled since we used up a lot of it when we first moved here.  Pardon the slightly messy shelves.
April 28 2013

We moved things till about 11:30 or so on Saturday and that afternoon we went out to eat.  Our kids were pretty surprised and happy as it's been about a year since we last went out to eat as a family.  The thought of cooking something did not appeal to me or Lee.  It was a fun break. We went to our local Mexican restaurant....SO YUMMY!  Of course my kids ordered non-Mexican food. 
April 13 2013 El Paso Clark Cal

April 13 2013 El Paso Clark Lee

April 13 2013 El Paso Elden

April 13 2013 El Paso Haley

April 13 2013 El Paso Ruth Cal

April 13 2013 El Paso Shanna (2)

April 13 2013 El Paso Shanna Elden


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Melissa S. said...

A RECORDER CONCERT?!?!?! That actually sounds like ABSOLUTE TORTURE TO ME!!! hahaha. I hate it when Bronson is practicing his. :)
Love it that your food storage (or your 3 month supply anyway) is in your room like our's. Our's is pretty pathetic now too. I thought one day (you'll like this idea) that each General Conference we'll do something w/ that stuff. So for example in October I'll always go through the 72 hour kit bag and update the sizes/food or whatever. But in the April one, I would just love to give each of the kids a certain amount of money and let them each buy one item (a lot of that one item) for the food storage. That way we could go over things that LAST and teach them those things but also end up w/ fun things in the food storage like fruit snacks or whatever they deem worth of their money. Wouldn't that be fun as a kid to pick out something like that? I don't know.......but I thought you might enjoy that idea.