Friday, May 3, 2013

House Stuff

It's been nice being in "our" house.  A few days ago I was thinking how "it will be nice when" closing is over--mainly that life would get back to a normal swing.  Then I thought of the projects we want to do over the next few months and realized that this is our normal schedule....craziness! We are starting the legwork on some big projects around here.  Though nothing has started, we've been shopping around, getting quotes, talking to different people and reading a little DIY stuff on the internet.  I did paint the family room.  It look me about eight hours.  I am not sure how long it will take me to paint the other rooms I'd like to do right away.

Here are a couple more photos of the house that I haven't shown yet.

It's so nice that the house came with a shed.  What is great is that it has a workbench and electricity!  And even with our stuff in there, we have some walking space.
April 26 2013 (6)

Side of the house.  It would be great to make some sort of bike parking area.  I think we need it, ha ha.  See the white table on the patio thing?  There are four white chairs that go with it that are there too.  Anyway, they are all rusted and whatnot.  They came with the house.  I guess a little DIY project is calling my name.  The set would be nice all cleaned up with a fresh coat of paint.
April 26 2013 (7)

Shanna and Haley were helping me make something last Sunday.  I pulled out two aprons that I saved from my wedding reception.  The young ladies helping with food wore these.  My sister Lena or Deborah made them. 
April 28 2013 Haley Shanna

April 28 2013 Haley Shanna (2)

It's always fun to sit outside on a blanket on a warm day.  Little story...see the pizza Cal has?  I went to our local Dominos a few weeks ago to get donations for these kindergarten bags I was putting together.  Each year in conjunction with kindergarten registration, one can sign up to bring their kid to school to eat lunch, meet the teachers and see the classrooms.  The PTA hands out a goodie bag to the upcoming kindergarteners.  I did the bags last school year and this year.  Dominos donates gift certificates for bread sticks so I called them up again, asking for more certificates.  When I went in the lady not only gave me bread stick gift certificates, but frisbees and a free small pizza coupons too!  She saw Elden with me and gave me a small stack for him.  Turns out she gave me exactly five!  Sweet!  Instant date idea for the kids.  Over the past two weeks or so they've each been getting their own small pizza one by one.  And have been sweet to share with their parents too!
April 26 2013 (5)

Last Friday I painted a part of the wall and took a close up of a potential carpet sample.
April 26 2013 Carpet (2)

And this is the not-so-close up.  Picking out carpet took a few tries.  I think we have a winner.
April 27 2013 Carpet (7)

Last week the big oven was removed.  We had always planned on getting a new oven, but it made me feel more justified spending money on a new one when the old oven wouldn't even work. 
April 26 2013

And here is our new oven.  Sitting in our living room.  We haven't had an oven since the 23rd of April.  I really want a working oven!  Hopefully tomorrow or Monday it will be up and running. It's a gas oven all ready for natural gas.  We have propane so it needs to be converted over.  Hooking it up to the gas line isn't a big deal-Lee could do that.  It's converting all the parts inside the oven to make it propane friendly that's tricky.  Once we decided to hire someone to hook it up for us Lee had the hardest time of even finding someone! 
April 26 2013 (2)

We've picked out a few things for the kitchen.  We picked out the stone and tile pretty quickly and I am still loving the choices.
April 24 2013 (5)

Here is the slab.  I am not good at taking pictures.  The colors looks quite different in real life. 
April 27 2013 Granite

And of course the tile for the kitchen floor.
May 1 2013 Tile

I already bought the tile for the kitchen and it should be in next week!  Maybe we'll be able to start installing it the end of next week!  We are taking our cabinets to a friend tomorrow to see what he can do about the trim work.  Lee is taking the last cabinets off their hinges as I type.  It's so weird not having cabinet doors in the kitchen.  I feel like I have to close the doors....but there aren't any to close! (And it makes us feel like our kitchen is messy!)  Once the trim work and the handles are off, I am going to paint them white.  Hopefully that goes well!   After the cabinets are done (including figuring out a possible garbage drawer and pan shelving units on either side of the stove), along with tiling and changing out the countertops, we just have to install the dishwasher, microwave, and disposal, change out the light fixture, add in a new outlet, install permanent undercounter lighting, switch out the fake plastic windows for some bubble glass, add some bar stools, kid school storage and decorative accessories, and we're done!  Why might this take longer than I think?!

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BWei said...

AWESOME!! Love your picks for granite/tile/carpet/paint. So fun that we are both doing this at the same time--although you are awesomer for doing it all yourself :-).