Sunday, February 28, 2010

What a fun week. Busy, of course as always; but fun. My neighbor and I swapped babysitting this week. That's probably why I am remembering this week with fondness...I had a great date with Lee yesterday!

Now this is what I call creative spelling. Cal thought of it and did it all on his own on Thursday!
Feb 25 2010 Cal Haley the 25th i think anyway

Shanna likes to put on different outfits halfway through the day. I guess I was the same as a child. This is one of her favorite outfits. Thanks Sarah and Kelly for the clothes! She loves them!
Feb 25 2010 Haley Cal Shanna the 25th i think anyway

Lee is in the Elder's Quorum Presidency. We invited the President and his family and the other counselor and his family over for pizza and games. The kids made their own pizzas, which was fun. We didn't get to the games, but that is okay. I'm sure we'll have them over again soon and play games.
Feb 26 2010 Pizza Party

Feb 27 2010 Lykins' kids

Feb 27 2010 Cal

Feb 27 2010 Pizza Party again

I enjoyed our date on Saturday. We visited the USO and had free nachos and snacks, then played three games of ping pong. Next up: Goodwill. We had a fun time there and bought several things! And you can't have a date in Missouri without hitting good ol' Walmart! I am excited about my new 7 quart crock-pot. Last night we had some more friends over and played That's Life! and Set. Very fun.

Since Elden wasn't in any earlier pictures, I snapped a couple off today
Feb 28 2010 Clark Elden Shanna

Feb 28 2010 Elden

Clark and Shanna didn't want Elden to fall off the couch.
Feb 28 2010 Clark Elden Shanna (2)

Elden's physical therapy continues to go well. He is still going once a week. I am feeding him more "baby" food. The other night I was feeding him the soup part of taco soup and he LOVED it! He also enjoyed some dip/salsa mixture I gave him last night. Guess he inherited some genes from his Uncle Sam.

I had a dental appointment this week to take care of two of my cavities and I COMPLETELY forgot! It's rescheduled now. At least I wasn't the first person ever to forget a dental appointment!

Tuesdays and Thursdays we are going to start having "reading nights". They are mainly for my benefit. There are books that I want to read, but I just am either too busy or don't schedule my time well (the later being the big part of the problem!). If it's not my scriptures, I am not likely to read it anytime soon! But, I am trying to change that. Hopefully I'll report success next week.

Lee just got back from the Priesthood meetings he had tonight. It's nice that he only had to drive to our regular church building to attend. Have a wonderful week everyone!


Heidi Sue the Mommy crafter said...

Cute pictures. Love that Cal did his name. Take care! We love you!

Photo Crazy! said...

Cute update! Elden looks like he gets lots of attention! Good luck with the reading. It is hard to fit in. I read about 2 novels a year. I can't seem to fit more then that in.

TotallyContent said...

We had great fun making pizza's!! Thanks for inviting us over.

Liz said...

I really admire how good you are at Frugality. I love yours and Lee's recent date. :-) You're a great example.