Monday, February 1, 2010

Potty Training

Day 1

We started the girls around 4 pm last night. Shanna surprised us because she wanted a diaper back on! I am glad she didn't find any--we didn't put one back on her either. Once Shanna found out that she could get candy for using the toilet she did pretty well the rest of the evening. She probably went to the bathroom more than normal though! With Haley, she didn't use the toilet at all. We are going to have to sit in the bathroom a lot with her. She doesn't mind the wet underwear either. Good thing Lee is home to help me. Of course when it was time to go to bed the girls wanted to sit a lot on the toilet!


Sarah and Todd said...

I'm SO dreading this with Ashton. He's 3 now. It's really time to start with him! :/

Photo Crazy! said...

Good Luck! I hate the whole potty training thing!