Thursday, February 4, 2010

Potty Training

Day 5

Success! That word defines our day. The girls didn't have any accidents all day! Tonight we all went to the church so I could work on some visiting teaching things. One bonus from that was Shanna and Haley each went to the bathroom there. I am glad they successfully used a public restroom and it happened to be at the church--the first public restroom they would have used anyway. (Here's hoping for a dry nursery time!) This way on Sunday when we make our mad dash stops to the bathrooms, using the toilet there won't be a big deal. (I hope!) They've already seen it and used it! Another success: Haley stayed dry ALL night! She fell asleep right before 8pm Wednesday night. Thursday morning (today) she woke Lee up a little after 6am saying she had to go potty. Yeah! I am sure there are more night accidents to come, but knowing that she can go all night is great. We ended the great day with some yummy rolls. I think of you every time I make them Cindy!


Nicole said...

Yipee! I'm sure going from 3 to 1 in diapers is super exciting (and super exhausting). I thought of you when my sister called last week to tell me she is having twins. She has two boys... 3 and a half and almost 2, sound familiar?? I guess you are living proof that she very well may survive!

Liz said...

YAY! Potty training success is very exciting!