Monday, February 8, 2010

We are getting a lot more snow here than we did last winter, and we have been enjoying it. I loved having Lee home for a whole week to help potty-train the girls.

Feb 1 2010 Snowman

Feb 1 2010 Lee making a fort

Feb 1 2010 Lee's fort

Shanna day 1 of potty-training
Feb 1 2010 Shanna

Feb 1 2010 Snowball fight!

Feb 1 2010 Clark and the snow

Feb 1 2010 Snow ball fight

I made rolls a couple of weeks ago and the girls enjoyed a flour fight
Feb 4 2010 Shanna in flour fight

They also had a hair pulling contest earlier..really!
Feb 4 2010 Haley and Shanna flour fight

One of the kids took this of me in my family picture the summer of 1998.
Feb 2010 a kid's picture

Feb 6th was a fun Saturday. I went to a babyshower that morning/early afternoon. Later that day we met up with Malee and her family and Christina and her family at an indoor pool in Rolla. We had a great time and want to go back again. It sure is fun getting "out of the house" in the middle of winter.
Feb 6 2010 Clark at indoor pool, Rolla MO

Feb 6 2010 Cal at indoor pool

Feb 6 2010 Haley at pool

Feb 6 2010 Cal at pool

Feb 6 2010 Elden and Clark (2)

Elden wasn't quite sure what to think of the water. He is used to warm bath water, so the cooler water wasn't much to his liking.
Feb 6 2010 Elden

Feb 7th we celebrated Sheldon's birthday. He turned the big 2-0. I just realized that I am 10 years older than him! He is on a mission in Italy at present, so we thought we'd celebrate here at home for him. He told us that Italians think it's weird to have cake and ice cream at the same time! We kept with USA tradition and did have cake and ice cream.

We made him a cake.
Feb 7 2010 Sheldon's birthday cake

Feb 7 2010 Sheldon's cake batter (2)

Feb 7 2010 Sheldon's cake batter

Ready to light the candles!
Feb 7 2010 Clark and Lee

Yep, we used 20 candles!
Feb 7 2010 Sheldon's birthday cake (2)

We even sang to you Anziano Bartholomew! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Feb 7 2010 Sheldon, happy birthday

Our nephew's birthday is the same day at Sheldon's. We didn't celebrate his birthday as he has the luxury of celebrating it at home. But we did think of him that day too. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Nathan!!!


Photo Crazy! said...

What a fun week you had! Winter and summer and parties. I love the idea of a cake for your families b-days! I think I might have to use that idea!

Melissa S. said...

can I just say Shayna is YOU and Haylie is LEE!!! Holy cow. Every picture, I kept thinking it over and over! I loved Shayna's first day of potty training picture in her fairy dress. :)