Monday, February 1, 2010

A brief update...

We had a fun week, with not too much going on. Tuesday Lee went on a "blitz" to locate people on the church records that haven't been in awhile. Lee made some cookies and brought them for the guys and missionaries to have before the blitz. I worked on Visiting Teaching items again on Wednesday. There was a nice little "storm" here on Friday and Clark had a 2 hour early release from school. Of course with it being stormy and all, I took all the kids with me and we went shopping. It actually was just snowing. People in Minnesota would laugh that school was released two hours early. The trip to the store went pretty well, but because I don't want my kids running all over I pulled around 2 shopping carts with me. Clark and Cal helped a little pushing them, so that was nice. After that we picked up Lee. He even got off work an hour and a half early!

Friday night Clark and Cal went to a birthday party and the rest of us watched The Swan Princess. Kind of a weird cartoon. I am not a huge animation fan, but I had seen clips of this particular movie and wanted to see the whole thing. Saturday was really nice out...even though it was cold. The sun was shining with no wind--not that I noticed anyway--making it a great day to go sledding!!! This was our first time going sledding with our whole family. Well, my friend Kristi watched Elden for us, which was great! Since we aren't very equipped with winter stuff we tried to think of what we could go sledding on. We decided to pull out the floaty tubes. We borrowed some sleds from Kristi too. I have to say, the floaty tubes were awesome! The tiny $1 Strawberry Shortcake tube was the best! I am going to have to stock up on those this summer. I looked for sleds when we went shopping on Friday. One was for $15, the other for $20. No thanks! Our same friend also loaned us Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. We watched it that night. A cute movie. Thanks Kristi for a fun Saturday!

Sunday evening we started potty-training the girls. It's going okay with Shanna...Haley is another story!

Jan 30 2010 Ruth and Haley

Jan 30 2010 Shanna Clark

Jan 30 2010 Clark Cal

Jan 30 2010 Haley sledding

Jan 30 2010 Sledding


Melissa S. said...

I LOVE the Swan Princess. Call me totally cheezy. But I used to watch it ALL the time as a little girl.
Good luck with the potty training! Just think you'll only have one in diapers after all of this!!!!

Photo Crazy! said...

Looks like fun! I never new summer tubes worked. Cool! Now we will have 2 times in the year to use them.

Roger said...

there is a lot of snow there compared to last year!

TotallyContent said...

My kids school was cancelled last Friday (even before a snowflake fell)and they only had a half day scheduled. I was sooo mad! Of course we are a rural school compared to a post school and therefore have many back roads with steep hills and drop offs for the buses to manuver on. But still...