Saturday, February 20, 2010

Even with February being so short, I feel like it should be over by now! The other day I thought it was the last Friday in February, only to realize that there is still a good whole week left in the month. I am still not staying on top of this blog as I would like, but someday I won't get behind on it.

A couple weeks ago Clark had in his school music program. He kept reminding me of it, making sure I would come. I even brought the rest of the crew with me. I wasn't planning on it as I think I told my friend the wrong day to come and watch the other kids. We survived though.
Feb 11 2010 Clark's music program

Feb 11 2010 Clarks 1st grade music program

Valentine's Day weekend was a four-day weekend and we watched our friend's dog. It was really easy as we just walked to their house to let the dog out twice a day. Also that weekend we went to St. Louis. It is so nice to be able to go to the temple once a month. I wish we could go a little more often. Someday! It was great having Lee home. I am sure spoiled with his work schedule. Also that weekend we became a 2 vehicle family.

I was glad that Valentine's Day was on a Sunday. We like to buy our kids some small gifts for Valentine's Day. With Lee being gone during the week-day mornings, it was nice he was here when they got their presents. They received books this year.
Feb 14 2010 CAl

Feb 14 2010 Haley

A cute story about Shanna. When Clark came home the day he had his Valentine's party at school, Shanna saw all the Valentines and the candy he got. She looked at me and said with a half frown, "I want to go to school!" And buried her face in a pillow and started a fake cry. It was so cute.
Feb 14 2010 Shanna

Feb 14 2010 Clark Cal

Feb 14 2010 Haley (2)

Feb 14 2010 Haley (3)

Lee's Valentine from me. We had a $5 budget for each other. I went over $0.15 and Lee went under $0.15 so it all worked out.
Feb 14 2010

Feb 14 2010 Shanna (2)

Growing up my dad would always leave us kids Valentine's. He would get us each a card and put some sort of treat inside the envelope. He would then leave them at the doorstep, ring the doorbell and sneak away. It was very fun. We started doing the same type of thing this year with our kids. They loved it! Another tradition started! I didn't buy them cards, but I have a stack of foam "paper" and I wrote a note to each child on the cut-out heart-shaped foam. (Well, except Elden..sorry buddy!) It worked out great because they had their treat while we listened to a conference talk.
Feb 14 2010 Cal Clark

Feb 14 2010 Haley (4)

Feb 14 2010 Cal Shanna

Feb 14 2010 Haley Clark

I hope you all had a fun Valentine's Day! Some people might think it's a day for the stores to get us to buy more junk to express our love to people who should already know that we love them. And sure, they are partly right. But I know that I don't make a constant conscious effort to do special things--out of the ordinary anyway--to show my love and gratitude for my family. I think it's a fun day.


Heidi Sue the Mommy crafter said...

Way cute pictures! I loved the candy flowers! I think it's fun to make presents for valentines day. You are an amazing family!

Lois said...

Happy Valentine's Day!!! I loved all the pictures!!!

Lois said...

Yeah - I think when people say all that about Valentine's (just a day to get people to buy stuff), I'm going to start saying, "So do you buy your children Christmas presents?" :)

Photo Crazy! said...

Your budget is amazing! Cute Valentine ideas. Alan and I did a 10 dollar budget a few years ago... That was one of the best Valentines I have every had. I do like the jewelry I got this year however! LOL