Sunday, January 17, 2010

Two more weeks have gone by and we are enjoying "normal" life.

Details from Jan 10-16
School was back in session after two snow days, and now the snow is all melted. Tuesday morning three of my friends came over and we visited while the kids played. That night Lee made pea soup, and I some yummy rolls (thanks again Cindy!) and we fed the Elders. It was very very good (great job Lee!). Lee had Friday off thanks to the four-day weekend holiday! We went on a date test driving some vehicles, finishing it off with Lamb's Donuts. YUM! Friday night we had some more friends over and played Bananagrams and Skip-Bo. Saturday we hung out at home mostly. We ALL went to the commissary together...something I am glad we don't do hardly ever! That night we babysat our friend's kids. (See train pictures below)

Now for this last week: Jan 17 - 23
Lee had Monday off to complete the 4-day weekend. The new Relief Society President met with me on Monday and on Wednesday to work on Visiting Teaching. Wow. I now have a new appreciation for all those VT Coordinators out there! We aren't done (and never will be technically) figuring out the routes, but my Pres. is amazing and has figured out most of it. We should be ready to hand out the new routes on Sunday. Thursday I watched 3 different kids and also visited with two of the moms later. I love getting together with other mothers during the day! On Friday I started preparing for Saturday. We went to St. Louis on Saturday, so I switched the laundry day to Friday (normally I do laundry on Saturdays and Mondays). We had a great time in St. Louis. We have some fun traditions (well, I think so) for the kids when we go to the temple. They seem to look forward to the trip too. Also, Lee and I enjoy the time of rejuvenation and helping out with the work done in the temple. Other happenings: I filed taxes last week. It's the earliest I've ever filed. Yep, I like tax time. For anyone who has five kids, what is there not to like?! Lastly, somewhere last week, Cal managed to fall in the toilet with his clothes on.

Speaking of toilets, just one more week and we are potty-training the girls. Any advice? My friend Jeanne potty-trained triplet boys all on her own. I think I will survive okay as Lee will take a week off of work and potty-train Shanna and I will do Haley. It will be nice to have only ONE child in diapers, not THREE. And a little extra money every month will be nice too! Here's hoping that our 1-week training that we essentially did with the boys works with the girls too.

It's amazing seeing Elden go from this...
DSCN8928 this! We sure love this little guy. I often think of his big fight he had to undergo with his small body.

Shanna and Haley Sunday night...I usually take preparing simple Sunday meals literally. And this was even simpler as Lee made the homemade french fries! Yes mom, we had our veggies.

A picture from over a week ago while babysitting our friends kids. (The see below train picture.)

Enjoy the week!


Heidi Sue the Mommy crafter said...

loved the pictures! your girls eat exactly like Quito!

Lois said...

Sounds like you've been busy! I'm excited to hear how potty training goes!!!

Lois said...

Way to go with the veggies! Loved the photos. What happened to Shanna's eye? Good luck with the girls next week.

It really is a miracle how Elden has developed. He's a tough little guy with great parents.