Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Well, the Army sure has him! Last night the phone rang a little before 10:00 pm, and my dad said it was for me. For a split second I thought "Uh-oh. What's wrong with Lee?" But it was Lee calling me! Yeah! At Camp Bullis, different groups are coming in all the time for training (that it what it sounds like). Some reserve people are there doing training and they were told that they could bring cell phones. Lee's group of active duty people were told they couldn't. To make everyone happy, the reserve people are sharing their cell phones with the active duty people.

Lee got his one shower the other day. No more till Thursday night. It is going fairly well there for him. He is the platoon leader, and is over 60 people. I asked him how he got that job, and he said the previous platoon leader recommended him. Seems like it is a good Army leadership experience. There are 30 people sharing the tent. They get done anywhere from 4-6 pm and can turn on the A/C in their tent as soon as they are done for the day. He said it hasn't been too hot there because of some rain, and that's a great blessing. He was in the gas chamber the other day for 5 minutes. Like everyone else, he had to take his gas mask off for 3 seconds, put it back on, then exhale the contaminated air that got in his mouth so he wouldn't inhale the gas. He said it "burned" his skin--irritated it--a lot. The Sunday before last, one of the LDS guys got a sacrament kit from the Branch President and they were able to have the sacrament Sunday night. I don't know if he'll be able to call again before Thursday, but at least Thursday is only two days away!

We went swimming with Amy and Rachel yesterday. We also got groceries and some other needed things and dropped a book off at the library. Cal also had preschool. He really likes it! My dad did a nice FHE lesson. He showed the boys pictures of Jesus throughout his life and we sang songs that correlated with the pictures.

Today Clark had a kindergarten screening and I had to fill out some paper work. There sure is a lot involved in a kindergartener's life! His teacher seems good, and I like her assistant too. Sara, I got a glimpse of how busy you are going to be with your class! Clark really liked his classroom and wanted to start tomorrow. He goes only 2 days next week, as they are creating a smooth transition for the kids in kindergarten. He starts at 8:50, which works out perfectly for the days when Cal goes to preschool. But Clark doesn't get out of school till 3:50! Isn't that insane! Today to get out the door I had to get up at 6 am. Guess my summer break is over!

A little story, Saturday evening when we came home from the park, there was a white, collarless dog in our yard. It seemed nice enough. The only problem, it kept hanging around. I am just not the person to take in a stray anything and feed it and cuddle it. The only food and liquid this dog got out of us was some uneaten fish crackers I left out for the girls on the back deck. Monday morning the dog was still here. My dad tried to chase it off, but it kept on coming back. And when my parents went on a walk, the dog followed them. While they were on their walk, I called animal control and they came and got the dog. I am glad it's gone. So if you're missing a white dog, call the Johnston County Animal Control!

Picture from: http://www.thewashingtonnote.com/archives/i%20want%20you%20us%20army.jpg

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