Thursday, August 14, 2008

Till the End
On the last leg of our month-long trip, our van hit 165,000 miles (in Georgia I think). We missed taking a picture of 150,000. We got this van August 2004, and the miles were in the low 80,000's. So four years later, we've added approximately 80,000 miles. Not too bad. Hopefully it will last at least 80,000 more!

Fun in the Sun
Enjoy the photos from today. Lee is doing well in Texas. There are some problems with his paperwork that he had to deal with so hopefully we can get some money by September! Tonight when Clark was talking with Lee over the phone he said: "Daddy, I want you to live with me. " And I heard his oft repeated phrase: "Daddy, I like you." It's so cute and somewhat heartbreaking. The kids seem to be doing okay with Lee being gone. At least it's not for forever! We had fun shopping this afternoon and are enjoying the Olympics. The neatest thing for me was the opening ceremony with the 2008 drummers. That was sweet!



Lois and Jeff and Reed are visiting us. Reed and Shanna wouldn't look at us.

Yummy sidewalk chalk

I filled lots of water balloons for the boys this afternoon. They love playing with them.

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Kelly said...

Your kids are so cute - I'm glad we got to see you all this summer! Hope you're surviving your time away from Lee.