Monday, August 18, 2008

Lee is at Camp Bullis now. He is there for his field training. He had to be outside at 2:50am this morning. It sounds very interesting and not very pleasant...only one shower for the 11 days he is there, a trip to the gas chamber, and no air conditioning till 1 am. I am sure there will be some other adventures too. He will get experience shooting guns and doing land navigation. The downside for me: no electronics are allowed--cell phones included. I can't talk to him for the 11 days. Only 10 more to go now!

Cal had his first day of preschool today. He really enjoyed it. He'll go twice a week. Clark was sad that he couldn't go with Cal. My mom stayed and was an assistant for the day because the only other assistant apparently was with some sick family members.

I exercised while Cal and mom were at preschool and after lunch we all went to the library and shopping and did some errands.

Tonight Clark was asking me where his money was--some coins that he has. I said I put them away so the babies wouldn't eat them because they would chock on them and die. Clark then said, anticipating the worst, and assuming they somehow died: "Then we would get a new baby?" I explained that we would someday get a new baby, but we want these babies. Clark then told me he wanted a boy baby so he could play with him. I asked him how many and he said three. Cal became concerned and thought we would be trading Shanna and Haley for some boy babies. He wanted to keep Shanna and Haley. I told him that Clark wanted to keep them too, but he also wanted boy babies. It was a cute conversation.

We had a great time with Lois and Jeff and Reed. One highlight was enjoying homemade donuts Friday night. They were SOOOOO good. Lois and Jeff did a fantastic job. They were yeast donuts, so the nice, fluffy kind. We enjoyed watching the Olympics together and also Murder She Wrote. I am sad they are gone! And I bet they are sad too because they are missing my mattress. (Right?!) I let them sleep on my bed while they were here and they really liked it. Reed was so cute with the girls and Clark and Cal also had fun with him.

Saturday afternoon after the Heits up and left, (after packing up and all) we went to Daniel and Amy's to celebrate Rachel's birthday. We had a nice time and Ila made the cake from scratch! It was yummy. Rachel seemed very happy and loved it when we sang Happy Birthday to her.

Saturday evening we watched history as Michael Phelps won his 8th gold medal--the most ever at a single Olympic game. Also, he has won the most medals (gold?) ever. It was awesome! I enjoyed the medley race--800 meters? I can't remember all the details, but I think I am fairly correct.

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