Sunday, August 24, 2008

Good evening everyone. I guess Lee is still alive. I haven't received any phone calls from Camp Bullis saying that he died or had a freak accident, so in this case no news is fabulous news! I am looking forward to his phone call Thursday night.

We had a nice weekend. Here are pictures of some of the events. Last night we went to a park and then to the store. I missed out on the adult session of Stake Conference. I love going to that meeting. But, I did not want to try and go with four little kiddos. I was going to offer my babysitting services to a friend, but we girls have had runny noses and I didn't want to pass anything on. I do remember Melissa, you babysitting for us for the adult session of Stake Conference in Kingsport! Thanks!

Shanna and Haley love to climb on things. They are little monkeys. Notice the dining room chairs, and how they're not in the dining room? If we leave any chair by the table, the girls will climb onto the table. It for sure will happen if Haley is around.

I don't know if I ever took pictures of the girls in their cute pink plaid dresses. Here they are! I tried to get them together on the white bench, but guess who wouldn't cooperate?

Saturday morning I cut the boys hair. Clark did pretty well sitting for me, but Cal had a hard time. At one point he started wiping the cut hair off his neck and cut his finger on the scissors!

Cal and Shanna playing while I was chopping Clark's hair.

Thursday Sheldon finished mowing the lawn. Dad mowed it the day before, but the mower ran out of gas. It's a fun lawn mower. Sorry Jeff that you never had the privilege to cruise on it!

That afternoon Dad, Mom, Sheldon, Ila, Anthon, Clark and Cal went to the Judd's to go fishing. President Judd is in our ward and is the Stake President. He also was my parent's last Bishop, and his wife is my and my mom's visiting teacher. We have an "in" with them I guess you could say, and they had fun at the pond. All the fish steered clear of Clark the Shark, so no one caught any fish.

I forgot to tell Cal that he was going fishing without me. It totally slipped my mind. Cal happily climbed in his car seat and drove off with Sheldon, Ila, Anthon and Clark. My mom called me an hour or so later and Cal was crying and had been crying for awhile. He was fine at first, but then realized that I wasn't coming I guess and couldn't take it. Poor guy. I am sure glad he goes to preschool well though! What was funny is tonight Clark, Cal and I were looking at the pictures from the fishing trip and Cal remembered that he was sad. To explain his sadness, he kept telling me: "But I love you mommy!" He told me that after every picture we saw from the fishing trip. "But I love you mommy!" He must have really missed me (because of his great love for me.)

Whoa Ila! That rod is going to drag you under!

Cute Anthon showing his support for Google (his black baseball cap)

That night I made cupcakes and let the boys decorate them.

You gotta eat the frosting first, right?!

I finished the book The Murder of Roger Akroyd, by Agatha Christie. I enjoyed it. Today we had Stake Conference. I was able to stay in the chapel the whole time! And the reason why I could do that is because Dad went out a few times with Haley and Mom took Shanna a couple of times too. Thanks Dad & Mom! We all rode together in my van. I cleaned it out the other day and it looks pretty good on the inside. I'll wait for Lee to do the exterior when he gets back.

Shanna and Haley are in the toilet water playing phase. Today at one point Shanna got into the bathroom and was playing in the toilet water. I knew what she doing so headed to the bathroom. She had moved away from the toilet and was headed to the door. She saw me coming into the bathroom and ran back to the toilet, shoved her hand in, and started splashing very vigorously. We are constantly shutting the bathroom doors. But if they see that it's open, the girls drop everything and head inside!

We are happy and anxious as Lee's parents finish their second mission this week. We hope that the moving goes well and proves to be as easy as a move can be. It is wonderful and a blessing when grandparents serve missions!

Clark took a long nap this afternoon, thus he didn't fall asleep tonight right away. He was talking to me a little bit tonight while I was reading scriptures. He asked, "Why is your belly like that?"
Me: "Because I've had lots of babies"
Clark: "Do you have otro baby?"
Me: "No, I'm just fat"
Clark: "Like Uncle Sam?"


britt said...

So the sentence: "Shanna and Haley are in the toilet water playing phase." I read it as:
Shanna and Haley are in the toilet water playing (the game) phase

I was like, WHAT!?!? She's letting them play in the toilet AND she's even created a name for their little game.... :) ha ha

That's funny about Uncle Sam too :)

i'm thinking of you while you're away from your sweetie :)

Anonymous said...

We tried to give Ben a hair cut (because he won't let ANYONE touch his hair) and only got a snip here and there, so if you have any suggestions I'm DEFINATELY open to them. :) We went to the Atlanta temple last Saturday to watch Janell Logan go through for her endowment. Naturally we thought of you guys because the last time we went to the temple was with you guys in March...or was it April? Too long anyway. Doesn't the toilet phase just gross you out????? Jeffrey is a little too good at getting the yucky water all over the bathroom. I'm almost tempted to make those yummy doughnuts!!!! It's a terrible thing to show a pregnant chick pictures of delicious doughnuts! I've been craving them ever since. As always, we LOVE reading your blog and Lee's as well. We're anxious for him to get back to the internet too! Hang in there!



Kelly said...

You are such a good mom! I love hearing what you guys are up to.

I hope this time without Lee passes quickly. It's hard to feel like a single parent - even if there is help around.

Oh, and I loved the last story about the conversation you had with Clark.