Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Just a little update. Today I mowed the front lawn with the new mower. I would have done the whole lawn, but it is huge, and the girls only sleep so long. I have been enjoying the tomatoes from dad's garden and made salsa a few times. I made some this afternoon too. Yesterday and today I did some laundry and read the Elden & Lena Bartholomew Family Newsletter. I loved reading it! It's fun to find out what family is doing. I finally got around to doing Family Home Evening--on Wednesday afternoon. I think the boys enjoyed it. On Tuesday, after Cal's preschool, my mom came and we stayed and visit taught his teacher, Ms. Claudia. It worked out quite well. I should be able to see the other three sisters next week. I hope Lee is surviving Camp Bullis. I won't hear from him for another week and a day. (I'm counting down!) Enjoy the pictures of the girls.

Oh, and yesterday I was cleaning the bathrooms, and in the upstairs bathroom I was too careless with my little jewelry box and it fell in the sink. Luckily I took inventory of the contents and realized one of my earrings took the plunge down the drain. (Luckily it wasn't one of my kids that fell down the drain. We all know how well it went over when I stuffed my kids in my wallet!) Good thing my dad was back from Utah! He got the pipe off and my earring re-appeared. Thanks Dad!

Grandpa giving the girls a ride yesterday afternoon

Last night after the girls' bath, they looked so cute I had to get some pictures

Shanna drinking bath water

Haley is all camera and even after singing and snorting, Shanna still wouldn't look at me and smile for the camera


Anonymous said...

Hey, cute pictures of the girls, and I like the fun story of the conversation with the boys about a new boy baby for the family!

Sounds like you're missing Lee, I don't blame you.

Kelly said...

Your kids are so cute! They look like they're having fun.

Melissa S. said...

Oh my gosh, Haley looks JUST like Cal! That is so cute. I can't believe Shanna's hair growing!
I finally JUST got your "Robertsons and daughters"! I was thinking, "why does she just mention her daughters?" "isn't that a little favoritism?" :)