Monday, August 11, 2008

Bye Bye Billy

I haven't kicked with Billy Blanks for about a week. The last Saturday Lee was here, about a week ago, we got a treadmill. We were actually going to buy this particular treadmill at a yard sale of a neighbor. When Lee went to get it, the neighbor couldn't find the safety key to get the treadmill started. After our big vacation, Lee was out running and stopped and talked with our neighbor. He had fashioned a piece of wood to fit in the key slot so the treadmill would turn on and said we could have it for free! Sweet! There is a cable outlet upstairs and I have our TV hooked-up so I can watch the Food Network (or any other desired program) while I walk and run. Clark thinks it's fun to exercise too.

The Big Three-O

Next year I am turning 30. To me 30 seems like a landmark birthday. I will be leaving behind college/school life, and will be in adult territory. I will be old. Not really, but I think some of you may know what I am trying to express. Also, I've heard a few people here and there mention how they have had specific goals they wanted to accomplish by the age of 30.

For awhile I've looked forward to the time when we will get a bigger income and can start paying off student loans. A few days ago I was struck with an amazing idea: to be out of debt before my 30th birthday. I think it would be incredibly fabulous! I ran the numbers, and it looks like it is very doable. I am so excited about being debt free and want it so much that we are even going to stay home for Christmas this year. Some of you may know that I love being with family over Christmas, which requires traveling. But to keep the momentum going with paying of student loans, this will be our first Christmas at our own place. Though, we may luck out and get some family at our new place in Missouri; we'll have to see. The end of November 2009 or beginning of December 2009, tune into the Dave Ramsey show on a Friday. I will definitely be calling in!

So if anyone wants to race or compare numbers/percentages every month, let me know! We're starting our own race soon!