Sunday, August 3, 2008

Lee left this morning for San Antonio. He is now Captain Lee Robertson, O.D.

We pulled the kids out of bed a little after 6am so we could all go to the airport together.

We love you and miss you Lee and Daddy!


Unknown said...

Wow...the kids are growing so fast Ruth. They are so super cute.
How long is your husband gone for? That has to be hard. I am not sure how so many people do it. It takes a very strong woman to be a military wife. I admire you.

Melissa S. said...

Wow, that is soooo sad seeing their faces. Shanna's face just looks so feminine and sweet in that picture! When does he come back?
When are you coming to see us here in Winston Salem?

CaraLee said...

That's so hard to be parted! Good luck to you Ruth and Lee.

CaraLee said...

Sounds like you have had a great summer! Congratulations and all that! We love and miss you.