Saturday, January 12, 2013

New Year's Eve Bash 2012

The morning of New Year's Eve Stacie, Lois and I went to a Zumba workout. I had heard of Zumba, but have never been to a workout session.  I had a fun time-thanks for taking me Stacie!  We'll have to go again when I come back to visit!

For the rest of the day Lee and I hung out with 13 kids New Year's Eve while Darrell, Stacie, Lois and Jeff headed up that afternoon to the big apple to watch the ball drop in Times Square. We were such great babysitters that we let the kids do basically whatever they wanted the whole day, he he.  After dinner, Lee and I split up cleaning the kitchen, living room and family room.  Then we started our "party".  Katie made cake pops earlier that day and Darrell had contributed cheddar popcorn, root beer and ice cream for the party.  I made a cheese ball with blue cheese, and surprisingly several of the kids loved it!
Dec 31 2012 New Year's Eve Party Katie's cake pops

Dec 31 2012 New Year's Eve Party Reed Eric Joseph

Dec 31 2012 New Year's Eve Party Shanna Reed Lisa Jessie Katie

Darrell's youngest was in heaven with TWO suckers! That's what aunts are for, right?!
Dec 31 2013 New Year's Eve Party (2)

The girls also had a finger-nail-painting activity.  Shanna didn't want to join in and I think by that point Haley was asleep or just relaxing on the couch.
Dec 31 2013 New Year's Eve Party (3)

Dec 31 2013 New Year's Eve Party (4)

Dec 31 2012 New Year's Eve Party Lisa

Dec 31 2012 New Year's Eve Party Kylie (2)

Dec 31 2012 New Year's Eve Party Kylie

Dec 31 2012 New Year's Eve Party Katie Kylie Jessie

Clark and Haley weren't feeling well (just like my entire family basically) and crashed early.
Dec 31 2012 New Year's Eve Party Clark Haley

At midnight just Darrell's three oldest, including Lee and I were up. Even with my sleeping kids in the same room (they're pretty solid sleepers) we shouted out a countdown to ring in the new year, while watching the ball drop at Times Square on TV.  We scanned the crowds but I didn't see Darrell, Stacie, Lois or Jeff.  Which of course I was not surprised!  That place is always packed with people! I stayed up till 2am watching HGTV (we don't have TV or cable so it was a treat!) and Darrell and co pulled in about 3am from their NYC excursion. 
Dec 31 2013 New Year's Eve Party (6)

Jan 1 2013 Joseph Katie Jessie

The past few years Lee and I take pictures of us together right at midnight.  As soon as the new year hits I love thinking about what we will do this new year.  I am thinking about posting more about goals and such later (I love reviewing  the past year and setting new goals at the new year).  But for now, our big goal is to buy a house!  Hopefully by summertime we'll be first-time homeowners!  I am not looking forward to being in debt's the best feeling being debt free!...but I know this will be great for our family-especially our kids.
Jan 1 2013 Lee Ruth

Jan 1 2013 Lee Ruth (2)

As per tradition, we play Monopoly every New Year's Eve.  Sometimes it gets pretty heated so once a year is plenty. Though in 2012 we pulled out Monopoly a few times to play with the kids. Since Darrell and co were gone I didn't really feel like playing the game, even though we did ask the kids.  I ended up spending the evening finishing up a book that I'd been picking at for the past several months--Boundaries.  Great book by the way. A little tedious and textbook-ish, but still some great info and examples.  We didn't stray too far from tradition and played Monopoly on New Year's day. I lost pretty early.  I think Darrell won.Jan 1 2013 Katie

Jan 1 2013 Darrell and Jessie

Jan 1 2013 Monopoly
Thanks Darrell and Stacie for hosting us the last part of the holidays!  And I hope we didn't get you guys sick!  Happy New Year everyone!  I hope it's the best year yet of your life!


Lois said...

Thanks again for watching the kids!! I love the pictures of them on New Year's Eve - too funny!

Lena said...

Great Posts Ruth! I just mentioned to my family a little while ago how you like to reckon time, and then i read about it on your birthday post. So funny!