Friday, January 11, 2013

33rd Birthday Day

I am now 33!  In a way it seems weird to be 33, as if I shouldn't be that old.  But then I think about how that is quite a young age too!  I had a good birthday.  It landed on a Sunday, which was fine by me.  We went to church with Darrell and after sacrament meeting Lee and I took 4/5ths of the kids home because they were sick. I got to take a birthday nap which was wonderful! Stacie fixed a yummy dinner and that night there was yet another party!

I personally love my birthday being over the holidays.  Cal's first grade teacher just had a baby on Christmas Eve and I loved telling her that my dad enjoyed having his birthday on that day. Growing up I never thought my birthday was overshadowed by Christmas as there was always a party for me and I felt like it was my special day.  I loved that I never had school on my birthday, I was blessed to have lots of family around at practically every birthday, and since my family was home I would always get presents too!  And two weird things that I like to say: 1. I was born in the 70s (two days shy of being an 80s child) and 2., with the New Year around the corner, at midnight or soon there after I like to say how old I'll be the next year.  So, just having turned 33 on the eve of New Year's Eve 2012, a couple days later in 2013 I said: I'm turning 35 next year!  Which is true!  Though I just turned 33 (2012), next year (2014) I'll be 35, because now it's 2013.  Anyway, some of my family knows what I am talking about. Lena even brought it up to me that I hadn't said it yet.  I was thinking about it though right after the new year rang in.  If any of you followed that or got that, hats off to you. Guess you just have to celebrate my birthday, then ring in the new year with me and it would all be clear.

Lee made a yummy cake for me.  And yes, there are 33 candles on it!  I love having the number of candles represent ones age on the cake.
Dec 30 2012 Ruth Bday (6)

I got some fun presents!  Thanks everyone!  Lee got me an ice cream maker and recipe book too. Before we headed to Darrell's, I received nice birthday cards (and money!) from my mom and mother-in-law.  Thanks!
Dec 30 2012 Ruth Bday (5)

Dec 30 2012 Ruth Bday (4)

Dec 30 2012 Ruth Bday (2)

Dec 30 2012 Ruth Bday

Later that night, it being Sunday, I got on google+ with some of my family. I love the frequent video chats with them.  I stayed up late with my mom, Deb and Steph, listening to amazing experiences my grandma Ruth had.  Wow, what an great lady.  I am blessed with great people in my life. Thanks for the fun birthday and birthday wishes everyone!

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Lois said...

I think the kid's favorite presents were the gumball machines. :) Looking forward to eating some yummy ice cream next time we visit!