Thursday, January 10, 2013

Darrell's Birthday

A few days after Christmas we headed up to my brother's home.  We left earlier than planned because of the impending snow (just left the night before instead of the next morning).  On our way up we listened to the bulk of Richard Paul Evans, Finding Noel.  Lee and I both read his book, The Christmas List, right before good!  It made both of us cry! Then when I was at the library looking at books on CDs to bring on the trip, I saw two more of Richard Paul Evan's books. I am going to have to read more of his books.  I've really enjoyed these three.  The third book that I finished listening to the other day is The Sunflower. I would highly recommend all three of them! We pulled into Darrell's late that night.

The next day it was Darrell's birthday.  My Dad's birthday is the kick off for holiday parties!  His birthday is Christmas Eve.  Of course the next day is Christmas, then the 29th is Darrell's birthday, mine the 30th, and then the next night is New Year's Eve--we always have a big party on New Year's Eve. It was fun to be with Darrell's family and Lois' families over our birthdays and New Years.

The forecasted snow came a lot later than reported, but that was fine.  It snowed a couple of inches and it was the perfect type of snow! We took the kids sledding a little after that.  We enjoyed hot chocolate at the park--thanks for bringing it Darrell!
Dec 29 2012 (2)

Dec 29 2012

That night was Darrell's party.
Dec 29 2012 Darrell's Bday

Dec 29 2012 Darrell's Bday (2)

I made sure to give Darrell his gift, Mom.
Dec 29 2012 Darrell's Bday (3)

Darrell likes to call my mom Abuela in a high pitched voice.  My Mom thought the Mexican drink, Abuelita would be appropriate for a birthday gift.
Dec 29 2012 Darrell's Bday (4)

Lee got him a surprise gift too from the Dollar Tree. Yuck. Even though it's made of sugar, I could never eat that. Okay, maybe if I was starving.
Dec 29 2012 Darrell's Bday (5)

Happy Birthday Darrell!  We hope your 39th year brings lots of adventures and great joy!

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