Sunday, January 13, 2013

Elden's 1st Day of Primary

I can't believe it.  My youngest is in Primary!  Elden is our youngest child and with the way things worked out, he is the last too.  It's never been a sad thing for me, that he is our last.  And although we do have five kids, I was planning on having a few more--at least two more, if not more.  Having kids is quite the journey, with each family having their own unique experiences. But anyway, like I said, it's never been a sad thing that I couldn't have seven kids or more, just something I have always been okay with.

A couple of weeks ago though I realized that Elden would soon be in Primary and surprisingly, it made me tear up.  Wow.  My youngest in primary!!!  Next calendar year he'll be in Kindergarten.  Crazy. I am glad he has a year and a half to be home with me.  I am also hoping to teach him to ride a bike this spring, sans training wheels.  He is getting quite good on a scooter!  Can you believe he'll be four in under two months?!

Lee dropped Elden off at primary his first day.  Well, Lee normally drops Elden off, period. Lee sat with him for a little while and then left to get some stuff for me, and to go to Sunday School.  I think Lee told me that Elden was crying, so Lee took Elden with him for a little bit. It was then that Lee snapped Elden's "First Day of Primary Photo".  True feelings showing through.
Jan 6 2013 Elden's first day of primary (2)

Jan 6 2013 Elden's First Day of Primary

Elden did go to his Sunbeam class without Daddy and Elden loved it.  He has a great teacher, one of my friends.  She gives the kids a card with their name on it and the kids get stickers throughout their lesson.  (That is my guess anyway, I need to ask her about the sticker cards.)  Also a bonus for Elden, which he told me about, he got fish crackers from his teacher the first Sunday.  A couple times before going back to primary today Elden told us that he was not going to cry.  Lee said he did great and went right in.  Go Elden!  A new year and new changes!  Oh, and I am now in Senior primary teaching the 10 & 11 year-olds.  I am still the Relief Society Meeting Coordinator, and soon I'll be teaching a Family Finance Worshop at church during the week.  It's a 5 week course.  The course obviously will focus on spending habits and budgeting.  I hope it goes well! 


Lois said...

Jeff and I were actually talking about how Elden will be four soon. That is SO CRAZY!!!

Lois said...

What a sweetheart! Give him a big hung from me.

Liz said...

You will be a great leader for a family finance workshop! I think of you whenever I think of paying off our student loans and staying out of debt. :)