Monday, January 14, 2013

A bit from the kids

Since we were gone New Year's Eve we didn't break our houses till we got home.  We have a tradition to break our gingerbread houses at midnight on New Year's Day.  Though we actually haven't broken them then the past couple of years (or maybe ever with my kids?) we tell people that is when you are supposed to break your house.  Our kids took their houses outside and broke them one night with Lee. Here they are with their houses before they smashed them.  Well, Haley didn't smash hers. 
Jan 6 2013 Breaking Gingerbread Houses

We started a new job chart the beginning of the year.  In addition to Saturday jobs and the daily routine of taking care of yourself--brushing teeth, saying prayers, making your bed, putting your own dishes in sink/dishwasher, etc., once a day we each pitch in and help with one job that benefits the whole family.  I have been pretty good at teaching my kids to clean, but not cook.  Sure they help me bake stuff by dumping ingredients into the Bosch, but that is it. So one night a week each member of the family takes a turn making dinner.  I let the kids decide what they wanted to eat for one or two of "their" meals.  Last Wednesday Shanna wanted cheese quesadillas with a salad.  She was so excited about it--so cute!
Jan 9 2013 Shanna

Jan 9 2013 Shanna (2)

Saturday night Shanna made a "tent" and slept in it.
Jan 12 2013 Shanna's tent

Her nightly story.  Saturday night Lee read to her.
Jan 12 2013 Shanna's tent (2)

This morning Elden wanted to watch a movie.  I told him he had to clean his room.  He shares a room with Shanna and Haley, and every weekend it seems to get nice and messy.  Well, Elden went in his room and picked up practically everything off the floor and put it on his bed.  Too cute!  He was so pleased with himself.  "Look mom!  I cleaned my room!"  After he helped me straighten up the closet, we then proceeded to clean off his bed.  He was able to watch a movie.  Good work Elden!
Jan 14 2013 Elden cleaning

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Lois said...

We need to start having Reed help with meals - what a great idea!