Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Family Home Evening Game

Last night we invited some friends over for Family Home Evening.  Family Home Evening--or "FHE", the acronym we like to use--is something our church counsels us to have weekly.  No matter your family situation, once a week you gather with your family, your roommates, or your friends, to spend time with each other, uplift each other with gospel teachings, and strengthen family bonds through fun activities and spiritual experiences. We made our own "FHE" chart which states what each family member is in charge of each week, rotating it weekly.  Normally in our family, every Monday night we have a song, prayer, some sort of spiritual lesson, a talent or "spotlight", a sharing of testimony, then a game and treat. We also do family nights where instead of following our FHE chart, we'll do things as a family. For example: attend one of our children's school concerts, or play at the park or go bowling. I love this weekly time we set aside to spend with our family. And I love that my kids love it too!

Here is our FHE chart that my awesome sister Lena and her husband Mike made for me. I love it! I was going to make it, but he kept offering to sand the wood, then paint it, then space out the lettering, then Lena did the lettering on her vinyl cutter (sorry, Lena, can't remember what your machine is called) that by the time it was done I hardly did anything! I didn't mind one bit! I can't remember exactly who did what, but I know my effort was very small. And FYI, it is level hanging on our wall...
Jan 15 2013 FHE Chart

Anyway, last night we had our "normal" FHE and I was game. I love reading the blog posts on www.yourhomebasedmom.com.  On Christmas Eve they play games, which I think is so fun.  I want to incorporate some into our Christmas Eve celebrations this coming year. Check out the games Leigh Anne and her family played: www.yourhomebasedmom.com/christmas-minute-to-win-it-games. I snagged the Oreo game idea and that's what we played last night. It was very fun.  I was the only one to get one in my mouth. Thanks for taking pictures Jenna!
Jan 14 2013 FHE with the Wilsons, Oreo Game

Jan 14 2013 FHE with the Wilsons, Oreo Game Shanna Haley Elden Sawyer

Jan 14 2013 FHE with the Wilsons, Oreo Game Clark Elden

As you may or may not have noticed, I have been wearing my BYU hoodie a lot lately. I've noticed as I've gone through pictures to put on my blog!

Jan 14 2013 FHE with the Wilsons, Oreo Game Ruth

Almost there....and I did make it!
Jan 14 2013 FHE with the Wilsons, Oreo Game Ruth (2)

Lee was so close.  The cookie was about to go in his mouth, but it slid off at the wrong angle.
Jan 14 2013 FHE with the Wilsons, Oreo Game Ruth Lee Cal Shanna Clark

Jan 14 2013 FHE with the Wilsons, Oreo Game Elden
Afterwards we had homemade brownies for dessert (Lee said our game could have been dessert--true, true!), then adults visited while the kids played.  We had a nice night with our friends.  We'll have to get together again soon!


Melissa S. said...

HOW FUN!!! That's such a good game idea. You look super skinny and cute/casual in your hoodie. I love it.

Lois said...

How fun! We'll have to start doing some of those games for FHE - never thought about it before.

steph said...

yourhomebased mom is in Oregon!! My sister-in-law was lucky enough to go to a baby shower she threw. All of her parties look amazing. I've seen her in Joanne's before! :) I think we may have to play the cookie game tomorrow - we've seen it before, I think it's on Minute to Win it but keep forgetting to try it.