Sunday, January 27, 2013

A teeth-pulling-no-school day

Last week school was canceled because of the weather--about an inch of snow.  I love that school is canceled sometimes because of the weather.  I always loved those days when I was younger.  I do wish it would snow more here though.  We'll get an inch or so, and then it is gone in just a couple of days.  I missed out on the big snow storm that hit this area a couple of years ago.

While the kids were home that day, I pulled out two of my children's teeth!  For some reason, I like doing it and I bribe my kids to let me pull them out (when the tooth is loose of course), but they always say no. But there is an exception to that rule. When an "adult" tooth starts peeking through--and the baby tooth is still in the mouth--I get to pull it out; right away.

Haley came up to me and said that she saw a little tooth poking through....poor girl. Her adult tooth was coming in and her baby tooth was still intact. I think she was a bit surprised that upon hearing this information I was going to pull her tooth out right away.
Jan 24 2013 Haley's 1st loose tooth

Jan 24 2013 Haley Shanna

Cal had a tooth that had been loose for weeks. I told him it could just fall out on its own.  I had just pulled out Haley's tooth, and took a closer look at Cal's loose tooth.  To my delight I saw an adult tooth barely poking through, which gave me the excuse to pull it out--right after Haley's!  Two teeth in one day, how lucky is that?! Ha ha.
Jan 24 2013 Cal

Each time a tooth was pulled Clark went outside.  It was pretty funny. Haley lost her tooth later that day and I told her to just draw a picture of herself and leave it under her pillow.  Cal came up to me and asked about getting money under his pillow and all.  We don't really do the tooth fairy around here, which shouldn't be a surprise since we are very frank with our kids that Santa isn't real either.  He then asked what I did with the teeth.  I said I threw them away. Cal was very surprised and asked why.  I told him I didn't want to save his teeth, that I thought that was gross.  But that he could save his tooth if he wanted. But he left it under his pillow, became a $1 richer and I threw it away.
Jan 24 2013 Haley

Jan 24 2013 Haley and Cal

Jan 24 2013 Shanna Haley Cal

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