Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Here are the mini roses that Stephanie sent to me. They are really cute. I hope I can keep them alive!

This is Jing. She is my favorite nurse. Good thing too because she is usually here during the day, Monday through Friday. It's not a good picture. My webcam was out of focus when I took it.


Shannon @ Lifelong Impressions said...

Hey Ruth!! I’ve been out of the loop traveling the last three weeks. Girl, placenta previa sucks! My sisters doc thought she had it, but fortunately it migrated up as her uterus grew so it could not have been fully over her cervix.
The Hairpin confuses me. I get why they are giving it to you, but how fast would you bleed if you start to dilate or the placenta detaches? It’s good to hear they are spoiling you at the hospital, from the people I know who spend time at the hospital it is going to be a tough ride. You always have such a great attitude though so I have faith you’ll pull through just fine. You also have a lot of will power to do your best to make it until the newest baby boy is fully baked in there!

There are lots of online message boards with a lot of women in your situation (hospital bed rest) who chat online a lot. I'll be happy to chat with you on Facebook or MSN whenever I'm at the computer.

Now that you have a TON of time on your hands... Have you thought of putting titles on your posts? Not for anyone else, just so if you are looking back it will make it easy to find what your looking for. I recently looked at my Blog Archive and was surprised at how helpful the titles were. It would kill some time if you wanted to go back to give your posts titles & bring back some great memory trips since you started the blog. Also, have you thought of making your profile accessible and/or making it so you can be emailed. Why? So lazy people like me don't have to make so many clicks to comment back on a comment you leave. When I get the notification email with your comment I can just hit reply if your email is available (see how mine shows? yours says or click on your name to be taken to your profile online listing your blog then clicking on your blog.

You could make a pregnancy or time line ticker to put on your blog. Let me know if you want to know how.

Just my random LONG thought. Take care!

Photo Crazy! said...

Hi Ruth, My favorite Restaurant was #36. Favorite Restaurant? I like Milts up Cedar Canyon, Garden House in C.City and Pastry Pub...all local Cedar City Restaurants. You will have to come visit me and we will go out to lunch/dinner. Yum! My favorite fast food is Wendi's. Have a great day.

Megan and Jeremy said...

I'm glad you have a favorite nurse. IF I had a stronger stomach for things like what they have to do I would want to be a nurse. They make all the difference in the world!

I'm glad Lee and the kids have come to visit-how often do they get to come? It must be so hard and weird to not be taking care of them! You will do great :-) My suggestion for killing time-read 'A Tale of Two Cities'-best book ever! It will make you cry at the end.
I'd love to call you sometime-email me your phone number at the hospital if you can :)