Thursday, February 5, 2009

It's February!

Yeah! I am so glad that one month has already passed as I am SO excited to be out of debt in December! I think I am making it longer for myself though as I can't wait for December to roll around already!

Last week Clark had THREE, yes THREE snow days! It actually was weird that he had a snow day on Thursday, but I think I mentioned all of this in a previous post.

Here is Clark sledding with some neighbors last Tuesday

On Wednesday we went to a friend's to go sledding but the kids ended up playing and here are the girls

Last Friday night we babysat our friends' kids. She babysits a lot for us and I was glad we could help her out! Right before babysitting, I went to the grocery store for the weekly shopping and Lee had all 8 kids to himself for about an hour. He did just fine though. I wasn't worried.

Saturday I brought some jello salad and a cake over to my neighbor and she brought them to a funeral for me.

Here is a picture of Cal and Haley Saturday morning that Clark took

I brought Clark to a birthday party that afternoon. I ended up staying and it was good to meet two other moms that had boys Clark and Cal's ages! And their kids go (or will go) to the same school.

Later that afternoon we took all the kids to a community center on base. There was some fun stuff available for the kids to play with.

It was really nice on Saturday, mid 50s, so we went outside for a little too.

Saturday night we babysat some kids for some other friends. Sunday went well and not much happened, just a nice Sunday.

Monday I went to Walmart with Cal and the girls and stocked up on some stuff. That afternoon I had my "20 week" ultrasound. I am 23 weeks along, but because of scheduling, this worked out the best. Our boy looked great!

We are very set on getting out of debt this year, and so getting prepared financially has been our main focus. I have also been working at our food storage because having no debt is good, but in case of a huge emergency, one needs food! As I was thinking of that I realized that we really needed to update our 72 hour kits! We definitely need those! So Monday for FHE we went through our kits and started to get them all prepped. There are a few things we still need, but we have a good base started. It was actually really fun going through all the stuff with the kids and Clark and Cal were really excited to have their own backpack and fill them up with their clothes, candy, books, a toy, etc.

Here the kids are Monday night

Have a great week!

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