Sunday, February 8, 2009

24 Weeks

The baby is now 24 weeks along! His chances for survival are now 50%. Every week, his chances for survival go up 10%. So next week, at 25 weeks, he'll be at a 60%, at 26 weeks, 70% and so on. I think once he reaches 100% at 30 weeks, then it's all about development and avoiding possible physical limitations after that.

Clark and the girls were at Kelly's on Friday. She sent me some pictures and here are two of them.

Shanna and Haley napping--sooo cute!

And Clark playing at Kelly's.

When Lee was messing with the webcam one night I realized that I can take pictures with it. So, I opened the webcam program and figured it out. Well, it was super easy! I thought I would take pictures of my wonderful hospital room today. Enjoy!

The machine in the upper-right is the monitor. I am hooked up to it twice a day for 20 minutes. It monitors the baby's heartbeat and my contractions.

I am SO glad to be able to use a computer here! It has helped immensely!

And of course I have a flat screen TV. It's a good size actually, it just looks smaller because of the picture. There is cable here so I have been having fun with that as we don't have cable or satellite TV at home.

And just for fun: here is my family in 1992. That summer we took a really fun trip to New York City. We also went to other places too. I am sure we stopped at some church historical sites and Niagara falls, plus a stop to Philadelphia and Hershey, PA. We may have even stopped in Chicago on this trip... I'll have to get the details from my parents and older siblings. But it was a FUN trip!

I am having a good Sunday. A very quiet day. I was hoping someone from the local ward would administer the sacrament to me, but I don't think that is set up yet. Lee might administer it to me when he comes and visits.

I've already been on the monitor, received a heparin shot, had my daily visit from the doctors, plus eaten breakfast and lunch. I am going to try and watch Music and the Spoken Word on BYU TV in about an hour. Also, they change my bedding every other day, and I really like that. (The nurse changed it today.) It's great having clean sheets all the time! At home I usually wash the bedding either once a week or every other week. But I am glad they change them so often here for me. I am trying not to take naps during the day so that I will sleep really well at night. So far it has worked. Since I am laying around all day and not using much energy, I could see myself not sleeping well at night if I took naps during the day.

Sounds like I won't be moving till Wednesday. But hey, I don't mind. I'm not going anywhere anyway! I guess Wednesday will be a big, exciting day though. I will have an ultrasound AND switch rooms. Wow!

Enjoy your Sunday everyone!


Patty and Kevin said...

Congrats on hitting the 24 week mark! That is great news. Laurie was born at 24 weeks and 4 days. If she hadn't had her heart defect - it really wouldn't have been as bad as it was. Those little micropreemies are fighters! We are sending prayers and thoughts your way. I love reading your posts! Thank you!

MissouriMormonMama said...

Yeah for fresh sheets! And the kids are so cute! I love pictures of sleeping kids, it is a good reminder of why we keep them. Keep up that good baby growing Ruth ( :

Roger said...

Hey, you didn’t show everyone your secret snack drawer. That is a must on the list of things to see in your room.

robbienmeri said...

Ruth -

I don't leave comments very often, but I do read your blog. I am so grateful that you share yourself with us in this way. You are such a great example. I am amazed by your optimistic attitude during a trial. They talk about appreciating your trials, but that is so much easier to do when they are over. You truly are an amazing woman. I wish you and your family every blessing during these next few months and hope that little boy of yours will just stay put. You are in my prayers.

Much love -

Meri (Hermana Crandall)

Lois said...

Hey! I tried calling you a couple of times tonight - your cell phone was off and then later I tried your hospital # and it was busy. :( But I hope you had a good day!

Christina said...

Well, you don't know who I am, but I happend upon your blog visiting Patty and Kevin's blog. Patty and I both had babies in the NICU together. I just wanted to give you some encouragement for your stay in the hospital. I too had to go on hospital bedrest at 23 weeks due to bleeding becuase of a subchorionic bleed and premature rupture of the membranes. We lasted two and half weeks and had our little boy at 25 weeks. He is doing so well now. I hope and pray your hospital stay will be a long one so your little one can grow up big inside before his debut in the world! The hospital is so hard to be in. The longer my stay, the easier it got because you kind of get into a routine. I will keep you in my prayers! Good luck with everything! The computer is what kept me busy. And a little reading and crocheting. But I avoided napping too so I could sleep better at nights as the nights always seemed so long when I couldn't sleep. Heavenly Father loves you!

Melissa S. said...

Why is it that you don't too thrilled in your hospital shots?!?! :)
Looks like the kids are being well taken care of and so are you. I'm sure that puts your mind at ease!

Photo Crazy! said...

You hang in is all worth it. You are amazing. We love you and pray for you daily.

Liz said...

I'm glad you're doing well, take care of yourself. :-)