Friday, February 6, 2009


Yesterday I was granted the privileged of taking showers. Usually I do not like taking showers at hospitals.

For example, after I had a c-section with the twins I still had a big belly that looked at least 7 months pregnant (if you want a picture for proof, I have one!) and of course my belly was just sliced open, so I wasn't exactly up for moving around, or taking a shower. I thought it was incredibly ironic when the nurse said, "This will probably be your best shower ever." What?! No way Jose! Sure, it was nice to get cleaned up, but sooo uncomfortable!

But, this morning I am, of course, feeling the same as I did when I was at home taking showers and it went just fine. The nurse made sure the "help cord" was in my shower just in case.

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MissouriMormonMama said...

Yeah for showers! I always love showers after deliver, but I haven't dealt with an incision yet, I imagine that could be uncomfortable. It feels so good to get clean!