Saturday, February 21, 2009

26 Weeks!

Another week down! YEAH! The baby now has a 70% survival rate. But the way things are going, he'll have no problems growing into a healthy baby. Because I am "stable", I no longer have a saline lock in my hand/arm! What a treat that is! I do not like saline locks. Also, I was able to get a wrist band removed too. It had a big plastic clasp on it and was kind of annoying, so I asked the nurse where I got the band from. I couldn't remember if it was from here or at the Fort. She told me it was from here and I had it on in case I needed an emergency blood transfusion. But, it is only good for 72 hours--my first three days here at the hospital. So, it was long expired. Plus, I didn't have to get another band (which would have meant they would have drawn blood from me, tested it, and then for the next 72 hours I would once again be able to easily receive an emergency blood transfusion...if necessary).

The physical therapist gave me some new exercises to do with my arms. I guess she hunted down the doctor and really wanted me to be doing more exercises than just toe wiggles. Seriously, that is what I was/am doing: wiggle my toes, flex my feet, and rotate my ankles. I am still doing those things--mainly for circulation--plus the arm exercises. Those too are also easy. But it is something!

That almost sums it up. I am feeling good and am still keeping busy. Deborah sent me some cute cards to color, so I did those a little today. I am hoping I can receive the sacrament next week. They now have my Bishop's cell phone number, so that will help facilitate the whole thing.

I do have a couple of random stories. The other day, one of the "Room Service" people came and brought me a meal. When she walked in she basically said: "It smells good in here. The other patients' rooms smell gross!" I don't think my room "smells" like anything. But the other rooms must smell bad if she noticed a difference!

As for the girls, I guess they are eating extremely well at Lena's. They eat so well, that after Lena's kids are done eating, the girls will go and finish up their cousins' food too. It's pretty funny. And when I talk to the girls at night, it seems like Shanna is often eating.

Most of you know that Lee speaks Spanish to our kids. Our kids don't speak much Spanish themselves, but they understand Lee just as much as they understand me. Well, apparently when Mike speaks to the girls in English, they don't respond to him very well, or at all. He started speaking Spanish to them and they respond pretty well to him! I thought that was funny. And I am glad that they are still getting Spanish. Lee is very happy about it.

Cal was very excited to see my parents the other day. Darrell's oldest was baptized on Saturday, so Stacie's parents and sister and brother-in-law were there, plus one of my cousin Grant and his wife Sandra and family. And my parents of course were there. I guess Cal was jumping up and down with excitement when he saw grandma and grandpa! Sounds like they all had a great weekend at Darrell's.

Check Lee's blog out for an update about Clark:

No new pictures, but here are some cute ones from last summer. I've posted them before on my blog, but repetition is good, right?


Gianetta said...

Glad to see that you are hanging in there! It is such a blessing to have the internet so that you can keep in touch with your family and the rest of us! We miss your family! Hopefully your body will keep that baby in there for a long time, just like with the others! We will keep you in our prayers! Love from Memphis!

Call Family said...

Keep going sweetie!

Shannon @ Lifelong Impressions said...

Shanna has to keep eating a lot to support those cute cheeks! lol
It sounds like the kids are doing fantastic which must be a huge relief to you. Though I'm sure as a parent there is a big void not seeing them all day every day.

It's good to know you smell good. ha ha We always think our house smells bad (poop poop and more poop (Blake still poos about 4x's a day!)), but we always get complements on how good it smells here.