Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy President's Day!

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Since Lee has a great work schedule, I am sure many of you know that he has the day off today. He also had half of Friday off too! This morning I woke up not feeling so hot--nothing to do with the baby, thankfully! I feel like a sore throat or something is coming on. I haven't been taking naps, but after I was on the baby monitor, I just kept lying in bed and fell asleep a little. At about 10 am, someone opened the door and I thought it was a nurse and it was LEE!!! It was a great surprise! I knew he had the day off, but I didn't think he would come up. We had a fun "date" together of hospital food and a little movie with Nancy Drew joining forces with the Hardy Boys on Netflix.

He is on his way back home now to get Clark from school. I feel a little better, but not completely fine. But like I said, it's just me getting/feeling sick, not the baby, so that is good.


JenniferJT said...

I guess even in a hospital setting you can still catch a bug. I really hope you feel better soon, and we have you in our prayers for that baby. Take care of yourself.

MissouriMormonMama said...

What a fun surprise! That is awesome that he drove up to see you ( : I hope you feel better soon- getting sick is no fun, even if baby is doing well! Maybe it's all the sugar and chocolate- not that I have personal experience with that ( ; Have a good night and yeah for hitting 25 weeks!

Patty and Kevin said...

I'm glad that you had a fun date with your hubby! We're so happy that you have hit the 25 week mark. I hear ya with having to get new i.v.s... The hand ones always hurt the worst for me... ouch! Hey - we have something we want to mail you - since you moved rooms, can I just send it to the hospital and will it get to you? If you have time, maybe shoot me an email with your room number - then I can put that on there as an extra precaution! ( Have a wonderful day!

Photo Crazy! said...

So glad your hubby could join you when you were not feeling so hot.

Anonymous said...

We love you and your wonderful family, Ruth. We pray that the time will pass quickly and that you and your son will be well and healthy. Thanks for sharing your experiences with everyone.It must be hard to be separated from your little ones and Lee. You are just like your mom in your positive attitude. Even when she thought she was being negative, she was so optimistic.
The Bennetts