Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Californians Vote Yes on Prop 8...Watch this video

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Ryan-n-Amanda said...

What a shocking reality, and the heartbreaking results that come from legislation taking parental rights from the hands of those (us, you, etc) who have been given the responsibility to teach our kids to walk in the light of Christ, and deteriation of part of our Heavenly Fathers plan. I wonder if the Parkers (the family in the video) are LDS??? We were so glad to leave CA. I recently read that many gay couples are flooding city hall in San Fransisco to get married before the vote. Thanks for posting that. Very sobering. OH, almost forgot. Ruth, we wish to have access from our blog to yours. They only way to see yours is going onto Megan's blog and clicking onto a link to your family's... we just get blocked. So, pretty please!