Friday, October 10, 2008

It's official!

We are now following Dave Ramsey's plan. While we were in school, we've just tried to take out as few loans as possible, and to not worry about paying them off because we didn't have the funds to do that. The Army scholarship was such a blessing. We had to take out loans the first year of optometry school, but then the rest of school--the next three years, we took out only one or two more loans.

We've had a thousand dollar emergency fund for awhile (Baby Step 1), but didn't start paying on our loans till now because of traveling and Lee being in Texas. So, yes! We paid off our FIRST loan today! And what's even more fun, it wasn't even due yet. Our grace period ends on Halloween. We've officially started our debt snowball (Baby Step 2). We've paid off 11% of our debt, only 89% left. The countdown is on!

Lee and I have been talking about some things that we are going to cut out this year and next. One thing we are going to cut out is Christmas cards. I really like sending them out; it's just part of Christmas! But this year, we hope our blog will suffice. (And we would love to get Christmas cards from any of you!) We are still aiming to be out of debt by November or beginning of December of 2009 (before I turn 30). Christmas will be pretty fun next year!

We also found out a few weeks ago that for one or two of the loans, we can request a military deferment because Lee is active duty. That means we can pay them off, but won't have to pay interest! So thanks all of you tax payers!

While I am mentioning debt and stuff, there are two commercials that I heard on the radio that I just have to vent about. The first: a grocery store was advertising that by shopping there you could buy great food items for dinner for your family for under $10! What is so amazing about that?

The other commercial was for some store that offered financing for a computer, and they didn't even do a credit check! Okay, there are some things that I can see people financing, like a car or a house. But a COMPUTER? Come on!

We're up for debt reduction competitions anyone!


Roger said...

Yea we email out a PDF file for our christmas card. Then they can print it if they eant and its free to send.

Good luck with the debt reduction!

Sonia B said...

I'd race you on the debt elimination, but I don't think we could do it by next Christmas (darn medical school). We are, however, making very LARGE dents in it to get rid of it as quickly as possible. Way to go!!!

Kelly said...

Yeah! Congratulations! Can you email me your phone number?