Tuesday, October 14, 2008

This morning after dropping Clark off at school I found the library here on base. It is wonderful! There are lots of books (of course) and their media section is great. There are tons of movies that we can watch and I bet there are a lot of books on tape too. Plus it's all free. We can check out an unlimited number of books for 30 days, and we can have movies for seven days. I really enjoy living on base and having everything so close.

After Memphis, I feel like this is a safe bubble for us. Some other fun thing about the base is they show free movies--pretty new ones too, Friday and Saturday. There is bowling that is really cheap, plus a golf course and a place to go fishing and canoeing. There are a few communities throughout the base, and next week each family can go to their specific community center and get a free pumpkin. Also next Saturday at our community center they are having a Halloween craft thing, where everyone can decorate a pumpkin, do a craft, eat treats and play games. And the week of Halloween there will be trick-or-treating at the USO. I am not sure what the USO stands for, but in some major airports there are USOs where military families can go and wait for plane connections and they have free internet and game systems there. And maybe some other stuff, I'm not sure. I've never been to one. Anyway, there are some fun perks and Halloween will be really fun. Also our ward is doing a chili cook-off and trunk-or-treat.

We had a nice weekend. Friday night we headed over to one of our neighbors home for a fire and treats. They have a portable fire pit thing. No one was outside when we got there. I went across the street to ask the other neighbors about it, and they said that it was changed to Saturday night, but that they were making s'mores and invited us to come back. They too have a portable fire pit. One of their sons is in Clark's class at school, which is fun. They are a great family. They have two boys and twin girls. The parents are both nurses--he for the army, and she will be at a private practice.

Saturday we headed over to St. Louis. I did a session first and Lee took the kids to a park right by the temple. While Lee did his session I went to Target and Payless. On our way home we stopped at Aldi and got a start to our food storage! After we got home I woke Clark up and asked him if he wanted to go to the fire. As we were walking over he told me he was getting cold and wanted to go home. I think he was really tired. So we didn't go to the fire thing on Saturday, but I found out yesterday that it didn't happen anyway.

Our first week here we stopped at one of the parks on base and there was a lady there, Pamela, with her two boys. She was really nice and we had fun talking together. A couple days later we saw her again and realized that she lives just kitty-corner to us. Last Monday she brought over some rice krispie bars. Well, Sunday during the opening hymn in sacrament meeting, I looked over and there was Pamela! How funny! She helped us out in Sunday school with the girls. Only two more Sundays and they will be in nursery! Yeah! It was funny because when the Relief Society found out that we were going to be here at least three years, I overheard two ladies and one said, "Did you get her name?"

A family invited us over for dinner that evening. Jarett and Malee Skinner. Megan, they know of your brother Zach. They were in Hawaii at Tripler. The Skinners are a nice family. Their oldest boy reminds me of Jon. Jarett is an OB at the hospital on base, and head OB at the hospital is in the Bishopric--Bro. Fowers. Bro. Fowers knew that Jarrett was coming here and at the Skinner's first Sunday in church, Jarrett was sustained as the Young Men's President. Glad that happened to them and not us!

Monday Lee had the day off. I did the last of unpacking (basically) and we did some cleaning and normal kid stuff. Lee's LEGOs arrived on Monday and he has been having fun putting the different sets together. He sure was great with his toys when he was little. We are going to give one or two of the sets to Clark for Christmas and save the rest till later, probably a few years later.

Here are some pictures of the children. Enjoy your week!

Shanna Haley Cal October 14

St. Louis Temple

Cal October 14

Haley Oct 14

Shanna Oct 14

It is so cute seeing the girls play together and love each other, Oct 14

Self photo of Clark Oct 11

Haley Oct 11

Who is the more aggresive one???

Shanna Oct 11

The start of our food storage. We need to get some wheat to really get going.

Clark and Cal Oct 11

Oct 11

Oct 11

Oct 11


Lois said...

It sounds like base life is a lot of fun! I bet you will really enjoy your three years there.

Lois said...

I love the pictures! The girls are getting SO big and are way cute!

Lois said...

My favorite picture is of Shanna with her bottom lip jutting out. So cute!

SeƱora H-B said...

My husband introduced me to Aldi and I am a huge fan. I have found very few things that I dislike enough to buy them elsewhere. Of course, their selection is hit or miss. But for the basics, it's really a great place to shop.

Roger said...

Love the pictures, thanks for posting them. And your house looks really cool!

Gloriela and Nacho said...

Sounds like you will have a lot of fun, I think my cousin is in the same place you are, I will find out some more details and let you know it will be fun if you get to meet him.

Ryan-n-Amanda said...

Lee and Ruth your family is adorable! It sounds like you are getting settled in nicely and meeting a lot of friends. How fun to have such a big family.

Sonia B said...

Ruth, I think the Skinner's were in Kirksville for med school when we were. Tell them "hi" from Jonathen & Sonia. So fun to see what you're up to.

Mike said...

Your kids are cute! Have fun with your new friends.