Sunday, October 19, 2008

Lee has already posted these pictures on his blog, but I thought I would use a few on here too. On Friday Lee and Clark went to a farm/pumpkin patch for a kindergarten field trip. The farm sounded really fun and Clark had a good time.

Clark isn't looking at the camera funny. He really thought the pigs smelled gross and Lee caught it on camera.

Clark and Dylan. Dylan is one of our neighbors and is in Clark's class. We really like Dylan and his family.

Saturday two kids came over for a little bit and played and then we did some errands. I made some yummy pizza that night--probably our best yet! Sunday has been nice. Just one more Sunday and the girls will be in Nursery! Like I said, Lee is especially excited about it. Today while he had the girls with him in Priesthood, he saw Haley coughing and saw her wiping her face. Lee picked her up and her face was all wet. Lee thinks she gagged on something because she smelled like vomit. So Lee took Haley, with Shanna trotting behind, to the bathroom and washed her off the best he could. Lee is so awesome!

About Lee and taking care of the girls, I just love having twins. When I found out I was pregnant with them (at 20 weeks!) I was really stressed out about it--right up until they were born. The thought of two babies was overwhelming. But I love it! This past week, I got Shanna out of her crib and set her down. Then I got Haley out. When I set Haley on the ground, Shanna immediately gave Haley a hug. How sweet!

So if any of you ladies are wanting multiples, make sure your husband will do the following: let you lie in bed while he brings you the babies for midnight feedings (I was nursing) and puts them back in their cribs, always volunteers to change messy diapers, bathes the kids just as much as you, makes dinner for you at least once a week, takes the twins to Priesthood with him so you can go to Relief Society alone (that goes for singletons too!), takes them downstairs in the morning and gets them all going on breakfast, helps out with daily housework, doesn't mind staying with all the kids while you go shopping or to church functions (even when they're newborns) and helps put them to bed and you'll have a wonderful time with multiples. This is what Lee does for me ALL the time and I know that is why I have enjoyed having twins so much.

Anyway, we listened to a conference talk this evening and had popcorn. We are still working on April 2008 Conference, but we are hopeful in catching up. My boys are getting so excited about Halloween. Clark keeps finding out which day it is and how many days left till Halloween. Something else that is funny, Clark and Cal went to a fire-engine-fire-fighter birthday party a couple years ago. They each got cute fireman vests and a fireman hat. I was lazy last Halloween and just had them wear that for trick-or-treating. Clark noticed in his closet his fireman's vest and hat. He said something about it being his costume for Halloween. Hey, sounds great to me! One less thing to think about. Though I do need to start soon on the girl's Christmas dresses. I should have looked last January/February for some discounted ones, but didn't. I will make some this year, especially considering that cute, new ones are $25 and more, and that of course is just for one girl! Maybe I could buy one and cut it in half...Shanna could have the skirt and Haley could have the top!


Gianetta said...

Your kids are so cute! Love the blog! Your house is HUGE! Lap of luxury after the Cabanas! Glad to see your family is doing so well! Miss you guys!

Megan and Jeremy said...

Lee is awesome! what a great husband :) (If that's what it takes then if we have twins I think we'll be good too!!!) I will call you soon!

Ashley said...

Hi Ruth! How do you know what size to buy your girls a year in advance? Right now I'm seeing really cute summer clothes on sale, but I don't know what size Katie will wear next year...

Roger said...

YOu should sew 2 of the girls dresses together and have them be siamese twins for halloween!