Monday, October 27, 2008

Tribute to Uncle Sheldon

Gordon Rose and Sheldon Bartholomew helping my mom in nursery yesterday.

This post is for Uncle Sheldon (my youngest brother and sibling) and how great he is. The picture above says it all. When we were in North Carolina, my kids loved it when Sheldon got back from Florida and was working locally. Sheldon would go outside with my boys and play with them and hold Shanna and Haley quite often. One time Sheldon left the living room to go to his bedroom and Shanna had a fit that Sheldon had left the room! And I was in the room right by Shanna. It was so cute.

Sheldon will submit his mission papers in about 2 weeks and we are so proud of him and also very excited for him and his upcoming mission experience. All of my brothers have served missions and Sheldon is right in step in following the Prophet. He almost has all of his mission money saved for too!

We are excited to see you at Christmas Sheldon! Thanks for being a great Uncle and brother!