Sunday, October 26, 2008

Guess what? Fuel is $2.29! Plus, Lee filled up our van a week ago and it's at about 2/3 full still. That is how little we have to drive around here.

Highlights of last week:
Haley threw up
Clark had his first school conference and is getting top marks
No school on Friday and we went to a friend's house--Kelly--and she fed us all lunch too!
Had the missionaries over for dinner on Friday, and Lee went with them afterwards
Went to a Halloween activity at our community center--see pictures below
Clark, Cal and I went grocery shopping
Lee and I both spoke in church today about Reverence


Clark, Dylan and Holly (her twin is Haley) was funny because besides one other person and her girl, we and two of our neighbors and kids were the only ones at the activity. It went until four, so more people could have showed up later.

My boys and the neighbor kids: Tyler, Luiz, Jose, Miguel, Dylan, Clark, Cal, Haley standing in back

Ruth and Cal

Haley and Shanna

Haley--see the sparkle on her jeans? The girls had on their sparkly jeans and they are super cute! (I got them for $4.99 at the Children's Place.)


Miguel, Dylan, Clark & Cal

Clark decorating

Cal decorating

Cal and Clark

Ruth, Kelly--we went to her house on Friday, Claudia--our other neighbor & Cal

Shanna and Haley this past week both rocking. It was very cute. They are finally getting some hair. Shanna's is getting kind of wild!


beautifuldey said...

I can't believe your gas is so cheap! Ours is still about a dollar more than that. Good for you guys! Your girls are so cute, not sure who is who, but one of them definately looks like Lee!

Shannon @ Lifelong Impressions said...

Yay!! Don't you love it actually shows you are saving money? Glad you guys are getting along well in the new place.

The Letterman's said...

I love Children's place, they have the best deals! I just need to get better at clothes shopping, I just hate it so I don't get as many deals as I could!
Cute cute kids!

Mike said...

How did you decorate the pumpkins? It looks like craft foam, markers and paint. Very cute. Let me know of any kid friendly decorating tips.

Kelly said...

I can't believe how big your kids are getting, and they are so cute!

Lois said...

You look like one hot momma in that pic of you! That's fun seeing pictures of all the kids and their friends!! I think you make more friends faster than anyone else I know! I need to learn your secrets oh wise one!

Lois said...

I'd leave more comments but dang girl - you already have a bunch! Thanks for the comments on my blog! I enjoyed reading them! I'll come decorate your house anytime!