Saturday, May 31, 2008

Tonight we went to a ward activity and dinner. It was really fun. There were hotdogs and chips, baked beans, pasta salad, lemonade, water and an easy version of s'mores. The yard area of the house we were at was awesome!!!! Okay so, this is what they had:
Nice swing/play set
Gazebo with bench swing
Nets set up for badmitten and volleyball
A pond
A dock that led out to a screened in porch on the pond
A "beach" right by the pond

The pictures are out of order. It is a little hassle to change them around, and I'm sure you won't mind the variety. (Right?!)

Clark roasting a hotdog

Part of the ground right next to the pond is covered in gravel, the other is the beach part. Clark is by the entrance to the dock that leads out to the screened in porch.

Cal and Clark on the playset

Dad B brought some fishing stuff. Clark was very excited about it today--the opportunity to go fishing. Some other kids enjoyed Dad's poles and assistance too--like this kid here.

Back at the ranch...Haley likes to get in cupboards and sit in them. This cupboard is pretty small, but the angle and the picture make it look bigger. But here Haley is, all snuggled up with some cooking items.

This is Clark this evening. He was sleeping under the foolsball table and the other night decided he wanted to sleep in the middle of the seminary tables--there are 4 of them to make an imperfect square. He also found an electric candle and he has been enjoying that at night. Since Clark moved over to the seminary area, Cal moved too. Over in our sleeping area we used to have the air hockey table right next to the foolsball table, but I moved the air hockey table to the seminary area to free up room for 6 people to sleep. SO, now Cal is sleeping under the air hockey table (partially under).

Clark didn't like the heat and smoke of the fire too much. And the guy crouching down is one of Daniel's bosses.

Clark is excited to go fishing!

Clark again

Lee caught a fish this evening. We think it was the biggest catch of the night. The fish looks bigger in real life. (He threw it back in the pond.)

Lee and Cal roasting marshmallows

I don't know how this got started, but this morning while the girls were waiting for breakfast, they started sucking on a mustard bottle...

Happy Dad with Happy Girls


Earlier I posted a couple of pictures from Sheldon's seminary graduation. The next day I made a yummy chocolate cake for him--thanks to Gianetta for the yummy recipe.

Cal, Clark, Sheldon

Me and Haley

Shanna baby

Lee and Haley

Here is the fire, and in the background on your right you can see the brown, screened in porch thingy on the pond.

Shanna exploring tonight

Shanna had to have a go at the mustard too (I really need to put Frosty looks like he's celebrating the 4th of July, so maybe I'll keep it out).

Cal and Grandpa fishing. I don't know what kind of look Cal is doing, but thought I would throw the picture in. The more the merrier!

A really cute picture of Clark and Sheldon--you can tell my boy is excited for cake!

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