Tuesday, May 20, 2008

We hooked up the computer directly to the modem--instead of hooking it up via the wireless connection box--and that seems to have done the trick. I have uploaded pictures! YEAH! I have a movie I want to upload, well, two movies so I'll see if I can get around to uploading one tomorrow. Enjoy! They are out of order, so enjoy the mystery of figuring out their order.

Sam in his robes. He got to keep his cap and gown and he put them on for us to kick off his little graduation party we had Monday night.

Here are the girls at Sam's graduation party. Haley climbed in the wheelbarrow all by herself.

Shanna and my dad at a park

My dad and Shanna again

Clark, Lee, Cal and my dad at the Father and Sons camp-out. Sam went too and is taking the picture.

Cal enjoying ice cream at Sam's graduation party

Clark doing a great job posing for me!

This picture is a miracle. Haley seems to be petrified of Daniel, so her sitting on Daniel's lap without screaming is amazing!

I don't know if you saw them yet, but there are golf balls in the grass and Clark is collecting them.

Lee and Clark at the Father and Sons outing

Lee and Cal on the driving range. The range is my parents' back yard. The boys like to "golf". That consists of the boys watching Lee hit the golf balls, and then the boys collect them for Lee and watch him again...

Here they are again

Here is the driving range

Haley Rae

Shanna Mae

Haley and Shanna enjoying the outdoors

The boys and girls

Shanna and Haley at their eating station

Shanna snatching some food

Haley and Shanna love to eat!

And the boys love yogurt

The girls are getting close to walking. They have been taking a couple steps here and there.

Lee at the grill May 7...he didn't anticipate the small fire

Reed envisioning himself in 15 years

Jeff getting experience for twins...just kidding. Shanna really liked the trike that night!

Shanna again

Jeff and Lois driving off to DC for the summer

One of the last pictures with Shanna and her pacifier

Lee's graduation cake that I got him. I should have chosen different colors, but at least it was yummy--strawberry filling with a whipped-cream-type frosting.

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Love the pics!!! thanks for the update!