Monday, May 26, 2008

My Best Friend

Growing up and in elementary and middle school I always had good friends. Also, after I moved from Wisconsin to Minnesota at the end of 8th grade, I felt very fortunate to meet and to have good friends both at church and all through high school. And I enjoy close relationships with many people. But I never felt like I had a long-term-to-this-very-day "best, best friend".

During my first year of college I met my best friend. My second week at school we met at a dance. We even danced--though I don't remember. For a couple more weeks I thought he had some quirky ways about him. But time marched on and we started talking. We kept talking. We talked so much that he wouldn't sit by me anymore at the library so he could study. The summer after our first year of college he left for a mission for our church to Nicaragua. Nine months before he came home I left for a mission to Los Angeles. We corresponded for about 3 years by mail. I got home from Los Angeles July 3. I stayed at home for a few weeks and worked a little. The middle of August I traveled out to Utah and went on my first "post-mission" date with him. About a week later we were engaged and a little over a month later we were married in the Provo Temple for time and all eternity. I feel so blessed to have married my best friend.

My inspiration for babbling on like this came from reading one of Lee's posts on his blog. Click here to read it: It seems I've been tagged. (You can tell from the "food section" that he is definitely 'mormon'.) It was fun reading about his favorite things--and though I already knew this--it reconfirmed to me that we have so much in common. Also, check out the rest of my best friend's blog:


beautifuldey said...

Wow, you've sure been busy updating this blog lately. Congrats to Lee for graduating...when the heck are you going to find out where you're moving? Glad to see everyone is doing well.

P.S. You may want to consider changing the color of your text as it is difficult to read the words on the brown background.

The Hacking Family said...

WoWee...that's a cool story. How neat. Your story would prove all those pessimists that say a 'long distance relationship never works' wrong.