Thursday, May 22, 2008

I would like to share my opinion about high gas prices. I will start off by writing that I really don't like how high the gas prices are right now (I could have a little more money for groceries!) but I would like to point out a few things.

1. If you owned your own business, wouldn't you love it if demand was high and you made a nice profit on your product/services? That is the glory of the free market and those in the fuel business are reaping the rewards right now. (You should get in on it!!!)

2. I wasn't alive during the big gas crunch/rationing in the 70's or whenever it was (born the 2nd to last day of the year of the 70's). But I was in Memphis before, during and after the Katrina hurricane. Memphis is several hours from New Orleans, but we felt the effects of the hurricane up there--as did numerous towns and cities. It was scary driving by gas stations and they were all sold out of gas. My point: I am so glad that we can just go and buy gas and we don't have to wait in line or wonder if there will be any gas! Well, for the time being.

3. Oil prices keep rising, but the demand for fuel is going strong. When we lived in Johnson City there was a hybrid car in the parking lot at our complex with bumper sticker that basically boasted of its "green"ness and questioned other drivers of their vehicles' environmental friendliness. One day the owner of the hybrid saw Lee riding his bike to the VA in very cold weather. From this guy's facial expression it seemed he realized, somewhat ashamed, that he could do even more to save the environment--ride a bicycle.

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J-Mom said...


Love your site! Found it through the other Ruth's. Met you for a quick moment of your Memphis experience.

Yes, I am glad to have gas too! Can't wait for the price per barrel to stop rising! But I'm also not holding my breath.