Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Today was a nice, lazy day. It rained most of the afternoon and I even took a nap! The girls are practicing thier walking. It is so cute seeing these short little bodies trying to walk. They are taking a few steps at a time, but still prefer crawling. I am glad they have been developing their motor skills at the same pace.

Tomorrow they will get their 1 year immunizations! And I will register Clark for kindergarten. Crazy!

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Kaylene said...

Hey, Ruth! My little boy is trying to walk too, although crawling is also his preferred method of travel. To answer your question, we are living in military housing, although it's not an official base anymore. We still have the PX and Commissary, though. What a relief Lee is done with school, huh? Where are you guys going to be now? I love your new blog layout!