Monday, May 26, 2008

Hello All! We had a good week and a good day today. Here are some re-caps for the latest and the greatest in the Robertson lives.

As a quick note, my youngest brother got an ipod touch.'s pretty sweet. I tried it out a little the other night. (I got this image from

Monday night we had Sam's graduation party--look further on in the blog for pictures that night. Plus that evening we went to Chronicles of Narnia--Prince Caspian, just Lee and I. We really enjoyed it. It was fun to see on the big screen.

Tuesday I took Clark and Cal to the library with me and we also took Anthon--Clark's cousin. Clark and Anthon went to story time and Cal looked at books . I stood right outside the room where story time was being held so Clark could see me through a window.

Okay, a little story for you about the library. As many of you know, Lee speaks Spanish to our children. While I was at the library a few weeks ago I got a few Spanish children books so Lee could read them to Clark and Cal. One book I picked was "Rey y Rey". I didn't think much of it and why should have I; I don't speak Spanish. About a week after I checked it out, Lee read this particular book to the boys. He thought the title was interesting: "King and King". But he opened it up and read it. There was a price that needed to get married so the king and queen sent for princesses to come from all over. The prince was not interested in any of them. One day a princess came with her brother. Well, the prince thought the brother was really cute, and vise versa. And yes, get me a barf bag, the prince and price got married and became King and King.

Lee of course realized what was happening and stopped reading the story. Clark was very curious though about the outcome. I don't know what Lee exactly told him, but basically he said that two daddies were bad--it's good to have only one daddy and one mommy. It's depressing that this junk has to be explained to a 4 year old! I was disgusted with the book and somewhat wished I had not checked it out. But after thinking about it, I was glad that I had checked it out. One reason, it was good to explain this to Clark ourselves, at home (albeit I wouldn't have minded doing it when he was older). Also, it gave me a chance to "complain" about the book and hopefully get it removed from circulation. I figured since they took the liberty of buying the book, I could take the liberty of sharing my opinion about the book. After storytime I spoke with a librarian and basically told her I was very surprised that a book about homosexuals was in the Spanish children's section, and that I wouldn't mind if it was removed.

After storytime we went to the bank, dropped off Anthon and then went to Aldi. Lee had been looking on Craig's list for a bike for Clark and he found one. We picked it up that evening. Read Lee's blog to find out the bike's story.

Clark's bike

That evening there was a nasty, short storm. The power went out and it even started hailing. I was almost done making dinner--chicken noodle soup--when the power went out. My parents have an electric stove, so of course the stove stopped working too. I went up to the UFROG (un-finished room over garage) and got my handy dandy Thunder Range. I got it several years ago for Christmas. I've used it at least once before. It's great! It's just like a single burner on a gas stove. I transferred the pot of soup over to it and the soup finished cooking beautifully. We also had garlic bread that evening. I wrapped the garlic bread in tinfoil and Sam started up the grill for me and heated the bread though on the grill. It was kind of fun. The power came on around 7:00 pm. I was really glad because it was the American Idol finale part I that night and I wanted to watch it! I wish David Archuleta would have won, but oh well. It was fun seeing 2 LDS contestants on the show this year.

My handy dandy Thunder Range

Thursday we went to Daniel and Amy's again. Daniel helped Lee out with our crashed computer. Daniel was able to get our stuff off of our hard drive so that we can access it. But it looks as if Windows died a quick death, along with our screen...We were hoping to have this laptop work for another 3 years! We'll see what we can come up with. On our way home that evening we bought a bed! It's the first time we've spent over $200 on a bed. We have purchased two beds since we been married, but they were both "cheap" beds and we gave both of them away. The first one when we moved from Provo and the second when we moved from Memphis. It's nice to sleep on a real bed and not an air mattress.

Friday we did some yard work and a little laundry. And I have been keeping up with my exercising. I am still doing Billy Blank's Tae Bo workout. I probably should do it more often...but three times a week is better than nothing, right?

Saturday we went to Sheldon's seminary graduation. He was asked to be one of the speakers and did a great job. Afterwards Sam treated us to dinner at Hardees. YUM!

Sheldon (in a brown suit with a blue tie) with some of the guys from his seminary class

Sheldon and my mom--his seminary teacher

Yesterday before we went to the graduation, my grandparents' piano was delivered to my parents' home. The movers had to squeeze through the front door, but made it just fine. One of the moving guys said it weighs around 900 pounds! I went shopping earlier by myself and that was a treat.

Clark was very interested in the moving truck

Sam feeding the babies on Friday

The girls love to eat!

We had a nice Sunday today. I slept in and then Lee took a nap. Church went well. I was stopped in the hallway after Sacrament meeting and asked if I could sub for the 5 & 6 year-old Primary class. It went well. The singing time person does a great job. She thinks of fun things to get the kids involved. I also found out that two boys will be attending kindergarten this fall. One of them for sure will be at Clark's school and the other boy might be at Clark's school too. That would be great if they could be in the same class!!!

Here are some pictures of the girls. They looked cute in their dresses. Gianetta got them for me for my baby shower over a year ago. The pictures didn't turn out how I wanted, but thought I would post them anyway.

Friday was the day to go and pick berries (I do it every other day, so I guess Friday was the "other day"--though I skipped going out today which I probably shouldn't have done, but oh well) and I found a conjoined strawberry! I sold it on eBay and got $157.50 for it! Read on!

I did want to mention a couple of things from our Memphis trip for Lee's graduation. It was a pretty busy trip, but we enjoyed having lots of family there. We LOVED staying at Laura's house and enjoyed visiting with her a little more. We enjoyed being with the Yorgasons one evening and seeing a lot of friends at church. I wish we could have seen and spent time with more friends though. The day before graduation we had lunch at the school in the 20/20 diner with Lee's parents. Since we haven't had enough excitement in Memphis already, Cal thought he would add his personal touch and accidentally spilled his drink on the floor. It was a big spill too. The nicest thing happened though. Joe Hauser, the vice president for student services was getting lunch at the 20/20 diner too and helped me clean it up. I thought that was really nice of him. Thanks!

After lunch I picked up my mom from the airport. We headed over to St. Jude's and looked around at some visitors' stuff. Later that day we rode on the trolley in Memphis. If you are in Memphis you should take a ride. It's fun way to see some of downtown Memphis!

Well, if you made it this far, congrats! And, I was just joking about selling the strawberry on eBay. Oh, and on Mother's Day we threw away the girls' pacifiers. They have been doing fine without them--and they are still sleeping through the night from about 8:00pm to 6:30am. Haley is really good using a sippy cup and Shanna is getting the hang of it. Haley is all weaned (it was very easy) and Shanna will be done nursing in a couple of days (though she won't like that!)

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