Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Okay, here are some pictures of the huge day! We have moved from Johnson City. I am getting tired of moving and packing! I am looking forward to staying put somewhere for a few years starting this fall. And we still don't know where we are going for the army. Enjoy the pictures! Thanks for the pictures Mike! These pictures are out of order, sorry...but there are so many, maybe it will help you stay awake!

Here we are Friday evening after Lee's graduation

Dad and Mom R and Ruth and Lee

Lee receiving his "diploma"

Dr. Lee Robertson walking off the stage

The first festivities of Friday May 2 commenced at the Mud Island River Park. If you ever go through Memphis you need to stop at this park. I love it! (And it's free.)

Clark and Jon

Here we are at the real "commencement". Lee proceeding to his seat to the processional march.

Tom Sullivan spoke at Lee's graduation. He is blind. He gave a great speech.

Lee and his proud parents. Lee's grandpa and dad were optometrists and Lee has two brothers that are optometrists.

While at the Mud Island River Park we celebrated Shanna and Haley's 1st birthday. Yep, they turned 1 on May 2, same day as Lee's graduation. Haley was being pretty dainty with her cup-cake.

Here are Rebecca and Kirsten Erekson. Doesn't Rebecca have fabulous red, curly hair?

Cal getting a ride from Grandpa R


Shanna chowing down

When Clark and Cal had their first birthday cake, we wanted to take a "messy" picture of them with cake smeared all over their face. But they would basically just stare at their cake. So we'd smear frosting on their face and then take a picture. As you can see, Shanna didn't need any encouragement!

Cal & Kirsten

Go Shanna!

Jeff and Lois with their son Reed and Shanna and Haley

Reed loved the water

Graduation Day Friday May 2, Ruth and her Magna Cum Laude guy!

A frog that kept the kids occupied for several minutes at the park on Saturday

Saturday morning Lena and Mike and Lee and I went to a session at the Memphis Temple. Lois and Jeff and Mom and Dad B babysat our kids. Afterwards we went to the park and the kids enjoyed feeding the birds.

Here are some attempts at a family photo. We'll try again in November.

Everyone received a "diploma" on stage. Now you know what was inside! Lee did get his real diploma after turning in his cap and gown. It is SO COOL! I love that piece of paper.

Here is our little guy again

Lee and me

Another family shot

Lee waiting to get his moment of fame on stage


Kelly said...

Congratulations to Lee and all of you. What a huge accomplishment (for the whole family).

Did you get the girls onesies at Target? We have the exact same shirts for Victoria.

Roger said...


Nicole said...

Congratulations Lee!! That is so exciting to finally be done. Jared graduates next week (super exciting) however we will not REALLY be done for 5 more years ahhh! I hear ya on being done moving, I too am starting to get an itch to settle in one place for a while. I will check back, I am anxious to see where you will be going for the military. I don't know if you have seen our blog, come check it out

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Lee, you too Ruth, it's hard to get through but I'm sure it will be worth it. We sure miss you guys!