Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day!

We spent the afternoon at Daniel's home. And yes, Daniel made Haley cry. We wished Amy could have been with us! We had hambugers, hotdogs, baked beans, curly fries, watermelon, strawberry salad, chips and pop. YUM! After eating Sheldon lit some fireworks for us and the kids had fun throwing snaps with him. Lee and I also enjoyed watching a few music videos. After Daniel's we did some shopping. We got back home, cleaned up, put kids in bed and are now sharing our day with you. One treat for the evening, Cal and Clark fell asleep on the way home and putting them to bed was a piece of cake. Well, they go to bed pretty well anyway, but this was ultra easy--just lay them down.

Sam and Haley

Cal enjoyed the bats

Cal, Clark and Anthon

We caught Cal in the kitchen with the Cool Whip. He was humming to himself while he indulged in his lucky "find" that was just sitting out on the counter.

Me and Shanna

Shanna has been good about going to different people. Lately when she sees grandma, she'll crawl over to her, pull on grandma's pants, and lift up her arms till grandma picks her up. It's very cute. She did it at Daniel's house today.

Grandma was patting Shanna's back and Shanna started patting hers in return

Here are some fun pictures of Daddy with his girls

Clark excited about the fireworks

Sheldon and Sam

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T said...

Glad to see is all with you and yours. I have had no problems with your blog loading. Love the new color and layout.