Thursday, May 23, 2013

Spring Fling and Girl's Camp Fundraiser

May 10th was a busy night--that evening was the kids' spring fling at school and the young women's fundraiser for girl's camp.  I am going to be the PTA treasurer next year, so that afternoon I headed to the school with my kids to hand out the money bags that contained change for the ticket booths and other booths that needed money bags.  One popular game is the cake walk.  They really wanted cake donations so much so that they offered 10 tickets for every cake brought in.  Considering that 10 tickets cost $2, and the plain cake mix and cake pan alone cost $2, the PTA definitely benefited.  Even though I figured out that it would be cheaper to just buy the tickets, I made some cakes as I knew the PTA really wanted more cakes this year.  I wanted the cakes to look cute, but didn't want to make a ton of frosting (which would have meant another trip to the store and more money for frosting supplies.) Instead I colored some sugar and made a stencil.  Elden gave me a good idea to sprinkle some sugar around the edges...I wasn't going to do anything but the stencil and when he first started doing it I wasn't pleased with what he was doing (sadly...always room for improvement on my parenting skills).  Then I saw that I actually liked it and he helped me finish the edges.  I was satisfied with the result.  Oh, and that afternoon we FINALLY had an oven!  We went about 17 days or so without one.  So nice to have an oven.  My friend let me bake the cakes at her house the night before.
May 10 2013 EES Spring Fling

After I finally got the money handed out we did a few games.  Can you guess what this one is?
May 10 2013 EES Spring Fling (2)

Pick the nose and find a bouncy ball.
May 10 2013 EES Spring Fling (3)

I LOVE Elden's facial expression...
May 10 2013 EES Spring Fling (4)

May 10 2013 EES Spring Fling (5)

May 10 2013 EES Spring Fling (7)

Air blew all over, sending money and coupons in the air.  Clark came out $1 richer.
May 10 2013 EES Spring Fling (6)

We then headed over to the church for the young women's fundraiser.  There was a spaghetti dinner beforehand.
May 10 2013 YW spaghetti dinner

May 10 2013 YW spaghetti dinner (2)

These sisters did a great job singing an a capella song using their hands and cups as part of the show.  They have great voices. 
May 10 2013 YW spaghetti dinner (3)

Then it was auction time!  Desserts and other items were auctioned off to raise money for their yearly girls' camp they attend.  Lee donated a brand-new pair of women's Guess aviator sunglasses.  Apparently I should have written more than "Women's Sunglasses" on the description.  Guess how much they sold for???  $3.  Yep. That's it.  Next year we'll bring dessert to auction off!
May 10 2013 YW spaghetti dinner (5)

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