Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A bit of sewing

I can't believe how much has happened in May.  And we still have almost a week to go!  I have lots of pictures to post of various happenings. First off, last year (or the year before that) my sister sent me some cute fabric---thanks Lena!  I finally got around to making the girls skirts out of it.  I was going to do two pink skirts, but realized I didn't have enough fabric.  Thankfully I had picked up some orange fabric for free and it worked great.  I actually like the orange better than the pink!  There is enough floral fabric left to make a skirt for myself--and orange fabric too.  I might just make myself one!  Though I need to figure out a cute top to go with it...
May 8 2013 (2)

So I am not stylish in the least.  I try to look decent, but I am definitely not up with the latest trends.  I was pretty proud of myself when I saw these cardigans and thought they would be perfect with the floral pattern.  And for my eyes, I was right! I LOVE how they look together!
May 8 2013 (3)

May 8 2013

As you can tell, Shanna was not excited for the picture.  And she does not like the cardigan either.  Oh well.
May 12 2013 Haley Shanna

May 12 2013 Haley Shanna (2)

A little pig snorting noise from me got a slight smile from Shanna.  I was happy with how the skirts turned out, along with the pairing of the cardigan!
May 12 2013 Haley Shanna (3)

Elden waned a photo too.
May 12 2013  Elden

These are the bikes I bought for my girls, $5 each!
May 8 2013 (4)

May 8 2013 (5)

I wasn't so sure I should have purchased this one.  But Lee said that even to have an extra tire is worth spending $5.  Little tires brand new at a store like this are over $10 (probably closer to $20). We still need to take the training wheels off this one. I was really happy with the bike find!!!
May 8 2013 (6)

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Mari said...

Plus if you ever have friends over I always find it helpful to have extra bikes.