Monday, May 27, 2013

Young Women's Activity

I have been in my church's Young Women program for a couple of months now.  During the week on Wednesdays, we have activities for the young women.  As a presidency we feel it's important to do a variety of activities: learning a new skill, giving service, focusing on something spiritual, or just having fun.  A couple of weeks ago we did a "service" project.  It was more of an act of love, rather than "service", because we absolutely love the lady we surprised--Linda.  (Okay, I guess that is a definition of service...)  ANYWAY, we went to our friend's house and the young women put together a dinner for Linda and her family and decorated a cake.  Linda's birthday was just a few days away so that made it even more fun.  We walked down to Linda's house and surprised her by singing one of her favorite hymns and happy birthday.  I really enjoyed it and I hope the young women did too.  I love the element of surprise, and she was surprised!
May 15 2013 YW & Linda Harman surprise

May 15 2013 YW & Linda Harman surprise (2)

May 15 2013 YW & Linda Harman surprise (3)

May 15 2013 YW & Linda Harman surprise (4)

May 15 2013 YW & Linda Harman surprise (5)

Last week two of our young women were participating in their high school concert.  I took my kids to the first part of it.  Clark didn't have scouts that night, and I wanted to go, so of course we all went--it was the young women's activity for the evening.  It was fun seeing both of the young women perform together.  I really liked the drumline and the percussion ensemble (I think I am remembering the groups right!).  For the drumline performance, the students would come in one by one and start banging on a chair or a music stand, or something of the like. Then another student would come in, then another.  They did a great job.  It was really fun to listen to and listen.  We thought about going to our local high schools' concert, but it was on a night that didn't work for us. We'll have to try next year.  There are some talented high schoolers here!


Melissa S. said...

Looks like a great bunch of girls!!!! And truly what a perfect activity to teach the girls!!!!!! Taking meals to people is a GREAT skill to teach!!! They're so lucky to have you

Lois said...

Sounds like fun!! I bet you are an awesome YW's Leader!