Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A little about Clark

For our May temple trip we first went to Reed's last day of soccer.  Cute Blake has been coming up to me and giving me's been great!
May 18 2013 Blake

While I was talking Haley swiped the camera from me.  I had no idea it was gone obviously till I looked in the camera case and saw it was gone.  She took several pictures.  I thought it was cute the other day when Haley told me that she liked taking pictures.  That is true.  Out of all of our kids, I would say that Haley has taken the most pictures!  And I love the top-two-missing-teeth smile.  It will be gone soon as the adult teeth are growing in.
May 18 2013 Haley

May 18 2013 Reed soccer

May 18 2013 Reed

I love how ALL my kids LOVE Blake! 
May 18 2013 Blake Clark

We had a great time at the temple and then hung out at Lois' till that night.  The next day, Clark had a piano recital!  I enjoy going to his recitals.  I am sure he is of a different opinion. 
May 19 2013 Clark piano recital

A fuzzy picture of him after playing his piece...I think....   I am not sure why he brought his music up with him.  Okay, actually I think he brought it up because everyone else brought theirs up.  I think he would have had better concentration without it as he's had the song memorized for awhile.
May 18 2013 Clark piano recital

Clark started piano lesson just shy of a year ago.  He's already completed two levels of piano and is on level 2 now.  He's made great progress!  Though our opinions are different on the enjoyability (if that's a word) of the lessons, I love how he often will go to the piano and play songs outside of required practice time.  He's memorized a handful of them. 
May 18 2013 Kama Miller, Clark Ruth  Elden

Here is his performance. 

For an end of the year project Clark had to do a science experiment of sorts.  He tested different kinds of batteries, comparing their strength.  I got Lee a volt meter for Christmas (I know, I'm so romantic!), and it came in handy with this project!
May 28, 2013 Clark project (3)

Like my paint job and color?
May 28, 2013 Clark project (2)

May 28, 2013 Clark project

It's wonderful seeing my kids learn and progress.  I'm very proud of how far he's come with piano this past year.  And another point to brag about, he received the highest math score in his grade at his elementary school for state testing. Good work Clark!


Lois said...

Way to go Clark!

Lois said...

And the pictures of Blake are super cute!! :)

Lois said...

Love the picture of Haley. Way to go Clark. And the pictures of all the kids are great. Love it.